A Flickering Light in Infinite Darkness

Session 10

more investigations

+ + + Report + + +

More evidence was gathered at the demon site, with the revelation that one of the Fayne brothers (whose picture was on a holo data slate) was the first person saved from the Zombie attack by the acolytes. Maybe he would have more information if he could be tracked down…

With agreement from the Red Gangers bossman, a bounty was placed on his head. Wanted alive. The amount of funds offered would ensure that he would be hunted for some time.

The warband returned up through the purity gate, and reported to Inquisitor Marius. He approved of all methods used, but said that the artifacts found should be returned to his warband as they might be more useful. Jasper with the serious facial damage was placed in some of the best medical care and given some cranial armour and a carapace helmet. He spent some time recovering.

While he was recovering some extra supplies and supplements were purchased. Custom grip handles for The Doctor and Rahool. More grenades and lots of complaining from Alicia.

Investigations continued into the the Xenos smuggling outfit and in Mr T Fayne as well. Further investigations found that he had gone underground.

Soon a SOS from Captain Kaytain Nils arrived, that spoke of more bodies being found that the acolytes should maybe look at. The Warband began to investigate.

The acolytes arrived at a large abandoned warehouse which seemed to be the stage of a mass shooting. Nine bodies were found with bullet holes in the walls. Not many clues could be found except a faint warp trail from a demonic presence which Zel was able to follow out of the buidling and down into the tunnels but soon lost the warp sense as it got too faint. Inside the warehouse, empty crates could be found. Some of which seemed to be recently stored there, but had obviously been cleared. The Warband investigated the bodies.

It appeared that 3 of the bodies were from mercenaries (with sand on their boots) and the rest of them were cultists. Using the forbidden demon lores, Zel and The Doctor recognized the marks of Nurgle or Chaos on them.

In preforming the autopsy The Doctor joined the lab medic worker to begin the work on a body. Unfortunately, worms came out of it and it sprung into life causing the doctor to faint (again) and get hit with a cleaver. Zel who wasn’t surprised attempted to zap it with lightning but missed. Luckily Rahool moved quickly chopped it to pieces with his power sword. Alicia still fled the room in terror. The doctor woke up.

More similar corpses were flamed despite the claims of the medic worker who turned his back with the flaming bodies, just in case.

More investigations to be done.

+ + + Report Ends + + +



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