A Flickering Light in Infinite Darkness

Session 11

More developments


As the warband left the autopsy a decrepit dreg begging for money was approached to see if he knew about the “sump loving Songers” that the acolytes had heard about in their investigation of the shooting. The beggar only knew that they inhabited the sump and it was somewhere the acolytes wouldn’t want to go. Zel, trying to read his thoughts, couldn’t find anything, it was as if the mans mind was blank. The beggar asked them to take a ring to a landing pad which the acolytes agreed to do as it might lead to something. Alicia suspected that he was lying about everything, but could prove nothing. The Warband left leaving Mr Argentine to observe. The others left to a local drinking establishment where the doctor cracked the Vox caster that the mercenaries used.

Mr Argentine came back to reveal nothing as the group left to follow the signal obtained from the Vox. On the way through the hive in an alley way a group of cultists attacked with automatic weapons and stub revolvers, yelling revenge for the Faynes.

After the initial surprise, The Doctor suppressed most of them with his autogun (and managed to slay one) as Jasper and Rahool ran up each side of the alley. The doctor and alicia were suppressed in return, forcing them into cover. Mr Argentine threw a grenade exploding into their midst sheltering behind cover. Rahool cut a cultist down with his powerblade, but was left out in the open as an autogun was pointed at him. Realizing the risk he dived for cover. The doctor blew up the already wounded cultists sheltering behind the cover, slaying two more. Jasper worked his way up the side as one cultist ran away in an psykic attack, from Zel. Remaining cultists, were shot, stabbed, cut, zapped and sniped to death. The surviving two ran off round the corner.

The warband continued to where the vox caster led them to see the chief mercenary and his 4 cronies trying to go down a lift out towards the waste. Zel tried to read the leaders thoughts, but couldn’t control the warp energies and caused a small, but powerful localised earthquake. The warband were spotted, allowing the leader to charge at them with his bolt pistol. He dodged, several times, but was sniped leaving the slower few to be suppressed by the doctor again. The lasergun carrying nob was single shot in the head by Alicia as the others refused to be captured. Despite noble methods of Grappling and attacking to subdue the mercenaries activated their suicide buttons and died revealing little else. The doctor applied plenty of bandages to Zel and Alicia who had been shot.

Four backpacks were recovered containing Xeno artifacts. The acolytes decided the mercenaries camp the next best place to go to see if they could discover more about these artifacts or who was buying them…

+ + + Report Ends + + +



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