A Flickering Light in Infinite Darkness

Session 12

oh no!

+ + + Report + + +

Worst taxi ride ever.

+ + + Report Ends + + +

Syntax error… Data slate not found…

+ + + Addendum to Report + + +

As the warband followed the trail of the mercenaries, they exited out of the gates, after displaying 5 fraudulent oath cogs and one real one and the forged pass. Outside were a range of vehicles that were used by corporations and smaller operations to travel into the waste. A well known individual who rented out his services was pointed out. His vehicle was known as the Sand Lynx a Hectin Autocarriage, slightly modified and pimped out.

That was the best that was could be said…

The Sand Lynx travelled off and immediately encountered a live fire exercise from the local PDF forces. The Sand Lynx stopped with several APCs ordered them to stop. After communication with the commander and showing of the Inquisitorial Rosetta, communications with the commander of the forces and a donation of some frag grenades the Sand Lynx carried on. The driver of the Sand Lynx was confused by a mind trick from Zel convincing him that the Rosetta wasn’t shown and didn’t happen.

Next on the horizon was a sand storm, but with the quick thinking of the Warband the wheels were covered up with metal plates protecting them from sand glass storm.

Next the world changed with a Raider who appeared and rumbled closer firing his auto cannons and other material at the smaller Sand Lynx. After initial success the Sand Lynx started to be hit by repeated shots before turning sideways and was hit more. Then began to loose control as a champion jumped on board and had a pistol duel with Mr Argentine. A Sand steed rider approached, but did nothing.

As the hero was slain, the Sand Lynx lost control again and then blew up with all on board scattered across the sands..

The warband woke up in tent run by the heretic hunter with the glass steed. Soon they were transferred to the Hive Desoleum medicae facilities to have restorative procedures preformed.

  • Zel was vapourised and now known as the Red Mist, cranial armour and artificial sensors were added
  • Jasper’s Right arm was blown off and new one inserted.
  • Alicia’s chest exploded and an artificial heart was placed
  • Rahool’s chest was blown apart and replacement Bionic Respiratory System was issued.
  • The Doctor’s right leg was blown off and replaced with an artificial leg.
  • Mr Argentines arm was blown off requiring a replacement arm.

+ + + Addendum Ends + + +


+++Rahools supplementary report +

zzzzzzzzzzz BOOOOOM!

Rrrrrrrrrrr (sound of chest being cracked and lungs removed)

+ Report Ends+++
Session 12

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