A Flickering Light in Infinite Darkness

Session 13

Big Gun boom boom

+ + + Report + + +

As the warband attempted to recover they attempted under the bureaucratic guidance of Rahool to acquire a Acquilla lander but railed. Plan two they approached the commander of the PDF forces doing exercises in the waste. He wasn’t happy but shut up when he saw the rosettas predominantly displayed. He agreed to let the inquisitors use of his Torax APC tank thingie. It had a large Twin mounted autocannon and storm bolter attached, plus was armoured. Picking up the new toy the warband left from the hive heading out to the waste guided by the Doctor and his map.

Amazingly they encountered an explosion up ahead as obviously the slightly peeved PDF accidentally fired an earth shaker shell in their vicinity. A glass storm blew up, but thanks to stopping and being a tracked vehicle their APC survived.

Next a creature described as an angry deer jumped up on the APC and was missed by Jasper, Stabbed by Rahool (who had climbed out), Confused by Zel, winged by a shot gun blast and then ran over by Mr Argentine who was driving under the influence of one leg.

Finally, they made it to the compound of the mercenaries who were trading in Xeno stuff. Several plans were scrapped (thanks to a surprising poor light situation). Eventually Zel convinced everyone to walk on up and ask to come inside the complex. They simply said no go away so the next plan had to be hatched.

The complex was at the side of a cliff face, protected by a wall and corrosive moat. And finally a towered drawbridge over the moat. 19 individuals could be spotted. 4 of them seamed to be more than mercenaries. Heavy stubbers could be spotted on wall and in tower.

A night attack three pronged attack was planned.
Group one: Sniper cover fire from the top of the cliff 80m above the camp – Agent Alicia.
Group two: Repel down cliff, sneak in and open drawbridge – Mr Argentine and Rahool
Group Three: Tank crew. Jasper to drive, The Doctor on big gun, Zel and Heretic hater waiting inside to fire storm bolter or out firing ports.

+ + + Report Ends + + +



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