A Flickering Light in Infinite Darkness

Session 14

Camp raid success

+ + + Report + + +

Overview: The Doctors plan worked

Alicia stationed herself above in the darkened cliff, long las at the ready. Argentine and Rahool sneaked down below beside the wall and began to move towards the gate.

400m away the APC driven badly by Zel (as he had night vision googles), The doctor on the main gun and Jasper ready below to fire the Storm bolter. The APC began to move up.

Rahool and Argentine got to the tower unseen and proceeded up to the top where Rahool slew both guards silently as they looked out to the wastelands where a noise could be heard. A sighted long las was taken by Rahool. They proceeded down to where things began to go custard as the large gate drawbridge was dropped by Argentine in a very loud manner. The camp warning began to come up.

The APC rumbled through the wastelands. Alicia began to snipe out individuals and spot lights as Rahool did the same. More warning were given as Alicia began to change her firing position as more individuals began to run out of the tents and buildings and fire into the darkness. Alicia continued to pick off targets with ease. A large force of enemy troops ran towards the gate. Argentine and Rahool retreated to the cover of the gate tower lower entrance.

Two enemy combatants were blown to bits on the wall from the main gun making “tug tug tug” noises. Any other enemy on the wall jumped down to avoid being blown to bits.

More individuals were shot by Rahool, Argentine and the ever accurate Alicia. The APC rumbled on. Soon the troops began to close in on the gate house where the firefight continued. A force on enemy combatants began to search for the mysterious sniper, but failed to spot her, firing blindly in the dark. Crack, crack, crack went the laser guns.

A grenade was thrown through the door of the guardhouse causing both Argentine and Rahool to jump out. The APC finally arrived over the draw bridge, but the gunners couldn’t really target anyone. A sniper shot Rahool who had ran and stabbed a guard, wounding him mightily in the chest. The enemy sniper was shot in the back by Alicia as Argentine had missed. Team Charlie jumped out of the APC, changed positions and jumped back in with Jasper now driving.

A leader type jumped out from behind a building with a plasma pistol and fired wounding the APC, but the returning fire from the main gun destroyed the building and hit the leader hiding behind it, dropping him down prone hiding from the main gun.

A guard surrendered to Argentine as Jasper and Zel emerged out from the APC to manoeuvre round the building as the Doctor and main gun when into overwatch. Jasper and Zel discovered the leader lying on the ground with his hands up surrendering as well. Alicia stayed up on the cliff face observing all. Three individuals (not guards) had retreated inside a building to hide from the sniper they couldn’t see.

Medicae was applied to the injuries of Rahool who had ran up to hide inside the APC.

+ + + Report Ends + + +



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