A Flickering Light in Infinite Darkness

Session 15

Space and waste

+ + + Report + + +

The leader of the mercenaries was captured, as was the remaining trooper. These were paraded in front of the building containing “The Inheritors”. These refused to come out despite the leader of the camp ordering it. Some more information was given about activities until the doctor applied a sedative was applied leaving both unconscious.

The door to the Inheritors was opened, but the alien material required a fear check. The doctor and zel entered to find the three remaining inheritors on their hands praying for intervention. The doctor firing his auto pistol fired badly slaying two of the inheritors with head shots. The large inverted cone on top of the alter began to hum. Fearing something demonic Zel jumped up to wrestle the remaining inheritor to the ground. Aided by Rahool and the doctor who busily attempted to miss any subdue attempts. Jasper at great personal fear lifted the heavy inverted cone and carried it out of the building to see if it was the problem. Zel got bored and broke the inheritors neck with and audible crack and “sorry, I didn’t know my own strength”.

As search of the camp found, and freed a Tech Priest, in the prison. They discovered an armoury where some weapons were kept, including bolter shells, grenade launcher, sniper rifle and other minor stuff. The leaders quarters were searched revealing data slates, that were hacked by the doctor and all the Tech Priests stuff that was returned to him despite the doctor saying “awwwwww”.

The data slates revealed that a launch from the xenos tech was about to proceed and the warband jumped back into the Torac tank thing and drove with great speed to Port Gia. There they discovered a door that was forced open and tracks leading to an abandoned vehicle, with a lader up. The warband followed onto the Port Gia landing pads. The inquistor was informed of missing xenos artifacts waiting for him inside the Torac thing.

The warband witnessed some stowaways about to be executed by ship engines. They were bypassed and a the warband joined a shuttle going up to the Oath Unspoken, a Rogue Trader vessel heading towards the shrine world of Thaur.

They arrived on the ship inside the cargo vessel and witnessed as the Oath Unspoken took off towards space. Down in the decks the Warband encountered a group praying to the emperor on a pilgrimage to Thaur to bury alive their priest elder. Alicia spoke so well that now 30 pilgrims now think of her being a priest and follow her.

A market place was discovered, that had acrobats above, stalls and several individuals trading in knowledge. A fact that a ship board attack was being planned and a mercenary had rejected their advances. The warband spoke with him and noticed the individual who had attempted to acquire his services. Mr Argentine attempted to follow but lost him.

+ + + Report Ends + + +



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