A Flickering Light in Infinite Darkness

Session 16

Meeting the Captain

+ + + Report + + +

After the acolytes failed to track the cultist a new direction was needed. For some unknown reason The Doctor looked up to the left and took on a heroic pose. Zel proposed to look for clues on the shuttle that the acolytes arrived on. As they headed off, the acolytes noticed that the pilgrims stilled trailed after Alicia. This convinced her to “deceive” the pilgrims, that she was unworthy and needed time to contemplate the emperors light by meditating on her own. This did not have the desired effect, with the emperor guiding her words all that was achieved was a fanatical light reaching the eyes of the pilgrims and them to swell in number (~50). Off the acolytes (with pilgrims trailing) trudged.

Arriving at the landing bay, the shuttle was located and Alicia convinced the pilgrims to pray in front of the shuttle while she was able to use her ‘security’ sill to open the doors …… revealing nothing. So much for physic hunches.

At this moment three ship guards were noticed approaching from the control tower. Rahool volunteered to disembowel and dismember them. As a collective sigh went up from the other acolytes. Lets call Rahool’s plan B. Alicia was able to convince the pilgrims to go see what they wanted (while the acolytes planned to escape). The guards proceeded to bludgeon the offending pilgrims out of the way (the pilgrim leader shooting a plaintive look at Alicia). By the time the guards had arrived the acolytes (led by Zel) convinced the guards that they should be hired onto the crew and needed to see the ship Quartermaster. Finally at this point Alicia was able to command the pilgrims to wait back with the other pilgrims….. sigh.

On way to the Quartermaster, a gathering was interrupted where a bunch of peasants planned to set a suspected ‘wier (witch)’ on fire on top of plasma vents. Deciding that setting plasma vents on fire equals bad…. the acolytes decided to act (much to the consternation of Mr Argentine and Jasper. The guards arrived and were fighting to calm the situation down while not setting the plasma vents of fire. Deciding what to do involved Alicia commanding them, Jasper hacking with swords, Rohool making mince meat of them and Mr Argentine finally settling the whole thing down with a bolter blast to the leaders head!

in Rahool the Accountant words:
On the Way we came across some pilgrims attempting to burn an unsanctioned psycker. Nobody really gave two hoots whether they burned the dude but it presented an opportunity to kill some peasants so Mr Argentine kicked things off by executing a crowd member, this opened the murder gates and Rahool started to dance amongst them killing at will, Alicia sulked because burning the crowd might have set off an explosion, and Zel started beating on peasants with his stick, causing their hideous cruel death by trampling.

Just when things looked like being a murder festival in triplicate, bloody Argentine fired his LOUD Bolter and it scared the damn crowd away before Rahool could raise his kill count into double figures. Most disappointing

Arriving at the Quartermaster office, the acolytes convinced the Quartermaster a plot was being hatched to arm mercenaries on the ship… at this point the Quartermaster rushed off to inform the Captain (Rogue Trader). Arriving back he informed the acolytes that they were invited to join the captains table (very opulent and excessive)….. much new information was discovered from new and interesting sources.

The interaction can be described by Rahool the Accountant:
Then there was dinner with the Rogue trader, A nice chap, who was also not blind and realised that an obvious assassin, obvious Psyker, an obvious urban professional (doctor), a fire obsessed psycho and a low class gun slinger would not travel around together asking questions without being part of the inquisition.

So he tumbled us and then announced our presence over the ships Intercom. Meaning we have to kill everyone on the ship to preserve our secret identities. Or, you know, not.

Oh yeah there was an Eldar at the dinner. She was all fluid and shit and not only was she not a Harlequin but she did not have a spare Harlequin Kiss on her. So very boring. She was a Ranger which was quite interesting , if a bit clich├ęd. And this probably meant that she had a nice Eldar Sniper Rifle somewhere, a fact that Rahool is very interested in following up. Perhaps some confiscation in the name of the inquisition is in order

All and all a successful evening of murder and blown covers.

After dinner the acolytes were given very expensive rooms as the captains guests (which is where the announcement of “inquisitorial acolytes are aboard the ship and all crew should divulge information and assist where needed” …. quite as a mouse!

The acolytes were then invited to dinner with a noble family on a grieving tour to the shine world …. as it turned out it was the family of the same guy (leader of the baby face gang) that Mr Argentine shoot in the head on the very first day and whose power sword now sits at the hip of Rahool.

+ + + Report Ends + + +



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