A Flickering Light in Infinite Darkness

Session 17

The Jugganauting

The Door slammed shut behind the acolytes. They all shared uneasy glances, weapons were drawn and prayers to the Emperor were whispered.

From far down the vast corridor a deep rumbling could be heard. In a few minutes it had grown to deafening levels and the Acolytes were filled with dread as they saw the immensity of the death machine heading towards them.

The Doctor stepped boldly forth. “I have this” he said in a steady voice. With bold steps he strode towards the onrushing monstrosity. Suddenly the door opened and the Acolytes rushed through with great relief. The Doctor turned and saw this and began to retreat towards the door. The Juggernaut rushed relentlessly onward and bore down upon him with frightening speed. With just meters till he reached safety the Doctor was smeared into a red paste by the onrushing horror. His final very brief death squeal hung in the air for a few seconds. All the Acolytes failed willpower checks and vomited everywhere.



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