A Flickering Light in Infinite Darkness

Session 18

juggernaut - it all came true

+ + + Report + + +

As the warband searched the bodies for clues from the dead in the bowls of the ship, they soon tracked the conspirators back to their lair where some members of Trade Sable lay dying. After being briefly stabilized Zel gleamed enough out of him before he died. An attack on the bridge was planned.

Using the Vox a warning was sent to the Lord Captain who dismissed the claims but agreed to have more troops posted about. The Warband arrived on the bridge and stated that a likely attack would come once you are out of the warp. No sooner than that, the ships engines stopped and the great hulking ship exited out of the warp. The warp shields lowered and then in about 10 seconds the blast doors exploded as the expected attack came.

A change in the warp allowed members of the inheritors to burst through at the front where they began to target the ships navigator who dived behind his armoured consul. Rahool and Alica sniped, Zel zapped and the doctor fired off a grenade and then went full auto. Jasper ran to protect the Navigator. The inheritors were all slain.

Soon the captain was hard pressed by three inheritors as a hulking mutant carrying a autocannon strode through the warp gate. Rahool shot him, but it fired at the doctor making mincemeat of him sending his corpse flying back to land 5m below on the floor. Jasper shot it with his bolt pistol as Alicia finished off the beast. The inheritors around the captain were shot off.

Suddenly 10 more inheritors came through the warp gate with the mastermind of the attack a rogue psyker. Using the inheritors as cover he began to shoot bolts, things and psyker attacks at Rahool, and jasper. The inheritors were systematically sniped before Jasper running into combat, forgot how to parry. Zel finally spotted the psyker and gave him some bolts as payback. The psyker effecting Jasper then had his minions cut jasper down in a spray of blood. More Inheritors died due to sniping attacks until finally a blast from an accurate weapon made him dead.

End of the carnage was the plot was foiled. Jasper now needed an arm. The doctor needed a chest and an arm. The plant Thaur was now below them. But, they had a Map.

Of course Zel claimed the force staff, but covered the heretical runes with tape!

+ + + Report Ends + + +



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