A Flickering Light in Infinite Darkness

Session 19

Planet Thaur

+ + + Report + + +

As the Warband rested on board the Oath Unspoken. The doctor thanks to modern medicine only took 3 days get a new set of lungs and artificial left arm. Jasper took only slightly longer to get over his missing leg. More investigations were taken on board to discover their subtlety and after the doctor flashed money around this increased.

Investigations about the planet Thaur revealed the probable location of the Shrine of Saint Mersaad and the Eldar ranger on board strongly stated that below that shrine was where they need to go.

A shuttle was requisitioned from the Oath Unspoken and Rahool demanded to fly it down personally as he always wanted to. Arriving at the port docks called Restfull, they were immediately approached by the millitant arm of the local pdf called the Mournful Guard. The Warband was “arrested” and taken to see the Lord of the Wake. There they were accused of being fell smugglers in league with the Trade Sable. Before evidence could be obtained explaining their innocence Alicia had opened up her blouse and revealed the Rosettas of the Inquisition (so much for being subtle). The Lord of the Wake became agreeable and offered escort to the Shrine. The Warband refused but kindly accepted transport on the back of a wagon. Rahool and Zel felt at home, everyone else felt strangely backward.

As the horse and cart rumbled through the forests 10 figures with horrible visages emerged from the forest causing Jasper and the Doctor to scream as expected of them. Rahool flipped off the cart and immediately skewered one. The doctor attempted to suppress them with his auto gun to stop them from getting closer. Unfortunately 6 refused the be suppressed and moved forward spitting acid sprays from the mouths. Jasper and Zel fell unconscious as the acid was toxic. Alicia and the Doctor had invested in heavier chest armour and emerged unscathed. Soon Alicia used her pistol to flame two to death as the others charged at Rahool and the Doctor. Rahool slaughtered his as the doctor continued to back pedal in fear. Alicia fell off the wagon to set fire to two more as the doctor continued to retreat, only to have his gun jam.

Soon Alicia was forced fight in combat before Rahool had slaughted everything he encountered and butchered them all. The Doctor applied many medical patches to bring Jasper and Zel around and patch up the wounds.

The Warband traveled on foot to the next village, called Afterlife. Where every villager thought that they were dead and tended to shuffle around in a case of drugged out state. Several rumours were discovered, but not much else. The Warband continued towards the Shrine the next day.

7 individuals were met eating a dead body. Alicia set them on fire, as the Doctor’s automatic fire slew the other two. Debate about imperial cults occurred.

The town where the Shrine was found was mostly made of bones. Finding the catacombs below the shrine was the next task, thanks to the maps provided by the Lord of the Wake, they encountered two individuals guarding the entrance to the catacombs.

Thanks to careful spotting of heretical signs on the guards a brutal surprise action was held with Zel displaying what a Force staff can do, causing a guards leg to burst on fire and fall off. Rahool simply butchered the other before anyone else could say “hey”.

Inside the catacombs were 5 coffins, that were searched revealing the stairs going down. The guards bodies were piled into a coffin to keep it clean. The Warband were led into the underground by the navigation skills of the Doctor who failed again and got them lost. A group of mournful guards rumbled the Warband but were convinced of their good intentions by Alicia before retreating back to where they started. Tracks began to be followed in the hope it would reveal more…

+ + + Report Ends + + +



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