A Flickering Light in Infinite Darkness

Session 20

The Doctor saw the bad guy and fainted (again).

+ + + Report + + +

As Mr Argentine suddenly stopped looking up to the left and began to lead the Warband down the tunnels.

As they traversed down the tunnels, out of a side tunnel rushed a force of cultists who were suddenly stopped as they attempted to surprise the doctor who immediately fired his autogun suppressing most as a few staggered on through the hail of gun fire. Rahool stepped forward and moved with Assassin like grace to begin to chop 4 down in seconds. Jasper and the flamer of Alicia stopped many more before all the cultists were slain.

Carrying up the tunnels a noise up ahead. The rest of the Warband froze as Mr Argentine crept down the corridor.

Soon his concerned calling from the microbead earpiece about a ritual being committed in a chamber beyond. The remaining warband crept to to see 60+ cultists chanting over a purple pool. Seeing something bad about to happen the Warband began to fire their snipers rifles and grenade launcher at the chanting cultists. A force broke away and began to chase run towards the party.

However, presently a prodigious demon progressed from the purple puddle pronouncing the probable palpable preordained passing of the partnership perpetually.

Seeing too many P s the Doctor and Jasper fainted. Alicia retreated muttering about demons being scary. The fell psyker who had summoned the demon revealed himself and began to run off with a support crew as he got shot by a sniper for damage.

Zel, who had protected Mr Argentine and Rahool continued to fight by running towards the demon who had flown towards the side and was eating artifacts. Zel, Argentine and Rahool began to attempt to destroy the demon with firepower, but it kept dodging and ignoring the most damage attacks thanks to it’s psyker and demonic powers. Jasper woke up and joined in.

Alicia who didn’t want to see the demon began to shoot the running heretics systematically. After a minute Zel caused the memory of the demon to vanish from the mind of Alicia who ran up the corner to see the demon and not go mad. The Doctor finally woke up and shot a grenade at a charging cultists.

The demon finally ate enough candy and recited a monologue about world conquering and sacrifice the innocent (blah blah blah), before running for a hidden door.

The Warband must now run after the Psyker Cultist to stop the mass sacrifice and save the planet. The demon has run off to cause mischief.

+ + + Report Ends + + +


Huge feathered bird daemon Indie……………you go first!

Groan! Huge feathered Bird Daemon, why did it have to be huge feathered bird daemon


Nicey said Rahool.

That’s not a bird, it’s… I fainted again… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Session 20

Fighting the daemon front on ….. no leave that to marines.

Killing his support ….. kill the heretics …… burn in the emperors light. This is what the Inquisitors can do.

Mr Flibbles says ….. DIE MR HERETIC!!!!!

Session 20

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