A Flickering Light in Infinite Darkness

Session 3

+ + + Report Begins + + +

As the warband checked through the wreckage of the gun battle, it was decided to investigate the office, but not before checking any security codes that were hidden on the data slate.

The office was found and the door opened by the Seeker who then saw that a combat servitor was beginning to activate. Without panic the kill code was called out by the doctor, to see the servitor shut down. A success search revealed more clues about the Port Gaia, and a warehouse.

Leaving the office the warehouse was approached stealthily by several and noisily by some. Figures could be seen moving in and out of light. As they crept inside the three guards said hey and began to ready weapons.

The Doctor suppressed one with his autopistol, while Rahool ran with his powersword out towards another. Alicia began to shoot, as Mr Argentine began what can only be determined as a pitiful exchange with one guard at very point blank range. Rahool was blown off his feet by some exploding xeno tech, before getting up and finally slicing in two the guard. The doctor had kept one guard pinned as Alicia shot the railing slaying him and causing it to crash down. Zel Zanna ran round and did something, but not too much. Mr Argintine finally slew the last guard. The area was examined to discover a mummified xeno hand and a gun range. At the end of the range they discovered a cache of guns & Ammo. Rahool picked up a snipers rifle as The Doctor and Mr Argentine claimed the autoguns.

A decision was made to enter port Gaia, where the oath cogs were checked as the warband entered the enormous port. Where to begin?

A figure walked past with a retinue, he was recognised as a trader in Archeotech, but the warband disagreed following him. They made way towards the tall spire overlooking the port. After knowing, bribing and charming the clerk they were allowed an appointment with the Head Port Honcho.

Zel used his witchy psyker powers to determine he was lying as an interrogation began, surprisingly successful. They soon discovered a landing pad where a shuttle carrying illegal contraband was to arrive. The Doctor gave the Honcho some powerful Obsecura, knocking him out.

The warband arrived at the platform (some letters and number identification) to approach the shuttle. As they got close it suddenly exploded, causing injury to Alicia and knocking her prone. Everyone else was further away. Out of the wreckage, appeared a demon entity. The Doctor using his forbidden lore said it was a demonhost. It reared up sending fear and panic into Mr Argentine, Zel & Alicia. Whereas, the surprisingly weak willed Doctor, Jasper & Rahool resisted the fear and began to open fire.

The Doctor hit it 4 times and did nothing but bounce off it’s demon hide. Rahool’s sniper bolt sliced through and caused great pain to the host that activated it’s pysker powers and became unnaturally fast and just ran off dropping down into the pit. Jasper, just said “hey”.

The doctor began to bandage the injured Alicia and Argentine.

What to do next?

+ + + Report Ends+ + +



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