A Flickering Light in Infinite Darkness

Session 4

Warband slays the demon host

+ + + Report + + +

Alicia noticed a tech priest drop a detonator charge switch and march off into the tunnels. No body else noticed. A search of the downed shuttle craft revealed dead bodies and the remains of demon prison, and bodies of psykers who died controlling the demon.

Despite scary thoughts, the Warband descended into the tunnels below Port Gia. Zel Zanna using his scary Psyker Senses lead the way followed by the newly promoted leader Jasper. The Doctor with his knowledge of Demons assisted whenever he could.

Down the tunnels they heard a scream and encountered what could only be carnage of blood splatter caused by a Demon shredding a group of gangers. The Warband continued to encounter a wall turning to ice with a hoar frost, with demonic faces. Many were afraid but didn’t go insane.

A large room filled with crates was discovered where a host of dreggs attacked. Soon the felt the pain of a flame attack from Alicia, shooting from Jasper and the Doctor. As the remainder ran into combat the Warband began to hack with weapons slaying almost all. Alicia stepped back allowing Mr Argentine to go full auto slaying the two on her. As the last dregg ran away (others who turned to flee were chopped down), Mr Argentine calmly shot it in the back slaying it.

The warband continued, down corridors, until from the middle of the roof the Demon Floated down. The Doctor Fainted unconscious. Mr Argentine and Rahool ran off. Amazingly Jasper thanks to the emperor stayed still. Alicia retreated with her snipers rifle setting it up. Jasper shot it with his bolt pistol as Zel began to attack it with his stick. The doctor woke up and joined him looting nervous. Thanks to Jasper hitting it and wounding it, it looked at him and made his blood boil. Alicia fired one shot mightily wounding it. Rahool and Argentine continued to run. It looked at Alicia and made her blood boil almost slaying her outright. The doctor and Zel continued to flail at it but couldn’t harm it.

Emerging from the opposite end of the tunnel a Tech priest turned up and said that the demon was his. Luckily his band of baddies suffered an attack of demon fear and all ran away except one who stayed. The tech priest shot Jasper with a plasma pistol wounding him heavily, but not slaying him. Zel succeeded in scanning the tech priest to discover he was in fact an Arch heretic and wanting to absorb the demon himself. The demon deciding that claws might be more fun turned Zel’s chest into a horrible mess. Jasper shot the demon blowing him backwards out of combat and stunning it. The doctor seeing his chance and raised his autopistol hitting with every shot, but not actually doing any damage again. Alicia emerged from round the corner and shot the demon again blowing it to pieces with her sparkly snipper’s gun.

The tech priests cry of “noooo” could be heard, but not before a shot from Rahool who had finally ran back, hit the priest in the chest penetrating his armour and wounding him. The Archheretic cursed the warband saying that this isn’t over and ran off down the tunnel leaking tech priest juices. His remaining guard who had bravely stayed, has charged by the doctor who knocked him down and stunned him with his doctor cheaty talents. The guard surrendered to Zel who pointed a gun at him.

The heavily wounded band, returned to the upper hive to nurse their grevious wounds and deliver the report to the Inquisitor and this routine. They were actually impressed that the warband had actually survived an assault on a demon host.

After resting, an intention to inquire about the Arch Heretic Halbrel was decided upon

+ + + Report Ends + + +



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