A Flickering Light in Infinite Darkness

Session 6

+ + + Report + + +

As the remaining thug ran off, the warband gave chase, steadily loosing ground to the fast sprint of the thug. The Thug escaped with the warband panting at their slowness.

Returning to the scene of the initial crime. Rahuul and Mr Argentine discovered little on the corpses except for oath cogs that revealed that they were working for the Faynes at Charnel House 17. The Warband left to investigate.

Charnel House 17 was even worse than the rest of the under hive with gantry ways overlapping a horror of human waste as dead humans were turned into protein cubes.

As the inquisitorial team waded through waste-deep liquid (made from who knows what…) they were ambushed. 120m away 4 thugs opened up with Auto-Guns from a gantry way, under cover, at the warband, who dove for cover. Zel climbed onto a belt and was slowly transported towards the assailants, firing from a prone position using dead bodies as cover. The remaining 3 used more effective cover and began to waste ammunition at the thugs. Sometimes Jasper would attempt to climb onto the conveyor belt but fall back into the muck. The Doctor wasted 2 clips of ammunition hitting the cover as Alicia slowly picked off the heads of the Thugs. Eventually Zel moved into a position and hit a thug from behind as Jasper shot him slaying them all.

The doctor amazed everyone by diving into the muck to retrieve two clips of autogun ammunition as he was down to yelling “bang”. The warband continued until they could climb up onto more secure gantry ways and continued along towards the “boss” area.

Three more thugs appeared ahead, armed with Auto-Guns and another two running up with swords from behind. Everyone went prone as the three Auto-Gun thugs, who were some 200m away, got shot and slain. The Doctor wasted anther clip at the running thugs, missing everytime.

The warband stood up, prepared to meet the sword carrying thugs only to see them furiously assaulting at every turn. Jasper chopped his down, before Zel had his leg hacked off by one thug dropping down stunned (was a mere flesh wound…). The Doctor received grevious wounds, but carried on. The Doctor continued to hit but not seriously damage the thug, before Alicia, knifed him in the back. The Doctor stabalized Zel.

The warband decided to retreat, carrying the leg of Zel and helped him return to the upper hive where an artificial leg was purchased, and attached by the doctor in a dodgy borrowed surgery. It was to take 17 days before Zel could operate again.

+ + + Report Ends + + +



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