A Flickering Light in Infinite Darkness

Session 7

The Dead Rise

+ + + Report + + +

As the warband waited for the recovery of Zel, who had lost his leg, a decision was reached to creep and act as the employees of the Mortuarium, with uniforms and stolen oath Cogs.

After 17 days Zel informed the crew that they should hop to it. Using the shuffling gait of the oppressed the Warband penetrated Charnel house 17 and approached the office of the Fanes. On the way a cognitator was broken into and passwords were discovered for the office. Passing through the bone dust room, the Warband entered the office with the stolen pass-codes. A successful search revealed an amazing amount of damning information and possible location to where all the missing bodies where being shipped. Below the Mortuarium and the lower level of the hive was a places called “Gantry” and it even spoke of a temple. The Warband had to pass through the Purity gate into the bottom realm.

Tooling up and gaining more items over three days, the warband traveled through the purity gate (through which none have returned) entering the gangers territory of Gantry where all firearms were restricted.. Despite this the Doctor and Mr Argentine managed to hide a compact shotgun and Auto pistol.

Locking their remaining weapons away, the Warband began to ask questions at the tavern of the Hanged Guard. Some indiscreet questioning was quickly noticed resulting in an “invitation” to meet with the ganger Chief in a crashed red spaceship. He offered to answer their questions if they passed some amusing tests. A run down a chute, a knife fight and a hanging knife fight. The next day the hopefuls set off. Mr Argentine lead the way winning the race and even stopping to push his opponent down a pit hole. Rahool simply stabbed his knife opponent before his opponent could move. He dropped dead with barely a gurgle. Rahool was again selected as the hanging rope specialist and knifed his opponents arm repeatedly watching him drop off and fall from the hanging cables from the roof.

With the tasks complete and the head ganger suitably amused he revealed who had been accepting all the bodies. The warband departed but before they had gone to far a strange fog rolled in. Blood curdling screams soon echoed from the strange fog . A citizen emerged being chased by the undead. Everyone froze with fear except for Mr Argentine who calmly shot it, slaying it instantly. As soon as it was dead it became only normally horrifying and the party continued on (slightly embarrassed that they had been so incapacitated by a single slowly shambling attacker

The warband carried navigated by the doctor at the End of Gantri the house of someone Ent a horde of Zombies was being kept at bay by the combat servitors of Mr Ent. To stop the horde the Warband needed to shut down his security protocols, but were inside the grounds. It would be suicide without the firearms so the warband ran double time to the lock gate of the firearms to see it surrounded by a 16 zombies who were battling the remaining guards. The crack of autogun, Shotgun and lighting from the semi powerful Zel began to whittle the zombies down as they charged and were chopped to pieces by the warrior Jasper, & back stabbing Alicia. A slightly the jaded and puzzled Rahool stood rooted to the spot unable to overcome his fear of slowly shambling easy targets. Soon the last of the zombies were destroyed allowing a free range at their weapons in the locker. The last zombie was destroyed by sawed off shotgun to the face from the doctor who had ran out of ammo and charged in.

+ + + Report Ends + + +



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