A Flickering Light in Infinite Darkness

Session 8

Stop the Zombies

+ + + Report + + +

The warband, quickly retrieved their weapons and climbing to the top of the tower with the twin linked stubber gun, they observed the various ways the zombies were entering the area. Though the gate, via the mansion and up the elevator cables from the sump below.

The doctor with amazing skills managed to close the gate with a simple keyword pass. The warband then traveled to the Endish mansion. The Acolytes arrived at the mansion to the sounds of gun fire and started to consider whether blowing it up or locking it down would be best. After a brief arguement, Mr Endish decided to allow the warband to shut down the mansions security. Once again the doctor was called upon to work his tech wizardry and shut down the system perfectly.

The warband continued on to the where the cables from the sump elevators were located. Unfortunately there were 5 cable shafts, and six zombies waiting. At the very sight, Jasper and Zel immediately fainted. Alicia began giggling and firing her snipers rifle in a random direction. Rahool and the Doctor moved to begin attempted to cut the cables while Mr Argentine produced his two pistols and began to fire.

Rahool quickly cut a cable down but was attacked by two zombies. The doctor managed a lucky chop and cut the cable, but was surrounded by three zombies. Mr Argentine began to shoot zombies at will. However soon the band’s plan stalled for several valuable rounds and missing and bad rolling took their part. The Doctor was soon covered in his own blood, and the relentless zombie attack began to take it’s toll.

Jasper and Zel woke up and joined the fray. Still shaking with fear, Zel’s lightning missed wildly (it must be said that the Emporers Light is hard to control…) as Jasper shot a zombie with his flash light, and then butted it with the rifle butt as it became more annoyed. Alica continued to scream and fire into the press of zombies who emerged out of the cables from the pits.

Rahool managed to cut his cable, as the doctor rolled out of combat, holding a grenade and managed to cut another cable. Rahool took a hit in the back , before rushing at another cable. Mr Argentine continue to blast away hitting almost with every shot. Jasper drawing his sword cut the zombie down. Zel finally blasted a zombie to pieces.

As the last cable was cut, Alicia’s fears receded and mind returned to normal. The doctor again rolled out of combat, as Jasper disengaged and move out. Alicia raised her flame pistol and burned most of the zombies to ash. The last few were quickly shot and stabbed down. They had done it, despite the odds almost all the zombies had been stopped entering the hive.

The Warband joined the citizens in cleansing the “town” of it’s pests. The gang leader summoned the warband and was angry that they had retrieved their firearms, but happy that the immediate threat was neutralized. Retribution against the Fane family was ordered.

The heroes, Gangers, and ordinary citizens borded a barge and began to travel down the slump. Another ganger town was passed. As was a mutant town, where one had it’s arm blasted off, by Alicia. A piece of the sump’s wall broke away, and all but Zel avoided it.

A great beast rose out of the water with many tentacled arms and with the combined might of warband and gangers enough ammo was shot at it causing to retreat back into the slump “water”.

The force arrived at the Fane enclosure to see that it was fully fortified with a wall and guard tower. It was decided that the force would attack on one front drawing the defending forces out and allowing the warband to sneak in and chop off the head of the snake so to speak.

The wall was penetrated and much sneaking was made until the warband were finally spotted on the 3rd floor. It must be observed that Zel and Jasper do need to learn some subtle sneaking skills..

+ + + Report Ends + + +


Sneaking is for cowards! The Emporers light will protect us!

Session 8

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