A Flickering Light in Infinite Darkness

Session 9

The final battle

+ + + Report + + +

Discovery on the third level revealed a force of un-regular guards who had stationed themselves throughout the level with various variety of cover and concealment.

As Jasper Finally moved first and engaged an opponent who was slightly surprised and failed to fire a shot. A two handed enemy was blown to bits by a well directed grenade fired from the doctor. As Mr Argentine entered the frame and Rahool left the stairs and enemy began to suppress with full automatic fire. Alicia, the Doctor and Zel ducked for cover.

Soon Rahool and Jasper slew the enemy as another suppressed them with more automatic fire. The leader approached from behind a pillar and began spouting a lot of anti emperor heresy that caused dizzyness to descend on the two. Mr Argentine began to leave cover dart out and fire a pistol sometimes hitting cover.

Zel escaped from behind the cover ran across the room and attempted to zap the fellow psyker lightning. Alicia despite being pinned shot a chap in the head making his brain explode. Zel managed to cause the gunmans head to explode like a prawn, pop, pop, pop.

Soon the doctor was free to creep out and begin to lob grenades at the leader spout constant heresies. Zel managed to get behind the leader zapping him, before a well place grenade blew up at his feet slaying him. The last enemy was slain with a combination of fire and zapping. The heroes gathered some additional ammo and headed upstairs.

Two two handed sword wearing enemies guarded the chief heretic Mr Fane, who stood in a circle of demonic evil. The first guard was shot by Mr Argentine and then charged by Jasper as the second was shot by the Doctor and then charged by Rahool. Jasper and Rahool slew the guards as Alicia and Mr Argentine shot dead the chief heretic. As he lay in a burning pile one of the nearby seemingly harmless cultists turned into a demon scaring the stunning shit out of everyone.

Recovering from stun the Warband began to act shooting mostly ineffectively at the demon until it charged and in one unstoppable hack hit Jasper’s head. Remaining upright, somehow he stood stunned until the ooze that accompanied the demon dissolved his head.

Panic gripped the party as only the semi powerful sniper weapons had any effect. The demon was engaged by Rahool and the doctor who hacked most nobly. Mr Argentine picked up the dropped sniper weapon and joined Alicia in shooting it. Alicia was prepared to die as the demon was about to be charged, but was stopped by a well timed hit from Rahool. More hacking occurred. But with the demons unnatural toughness it was difficult to harm the creature, especially when Alicia’s gun jammed.

Eventually several sniper shots and lighting attacks later the demon began reel from the constant attacks. Especially when the demon backed away and was shot from a drawn shotgun by the doctor who used the famous line “I use this for close encounters”. The demon was slain by more constant barrage.

Surviving cultists were slain (or jumped to their own deaths). Pieces of the crystal were recovered. A force staff and bolt pistol were destroyed when Fane exploded.

The warband picked up the pieces, seeing that somehow, Jasper though greviously wounded had survived thanks to an Emperors blessing.

+ + + Report Ends + + +



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