A Flickering Light in Infinite Darkness

Session 11
More developments


As the warband left the autopsy a decrepit dreg begging for money was approached to see if he knew about the “sump loving Songers” that the acolytes had heard about in their investigation of the shooting. The beggar only knew that they inhabited the sump and it was somewhere the acolytes wouldn’t want to go. Zel, trying to read his thoughts, couldn’t find anything, it was as if the mans mind was blank. The beggar asked them to take a ring to a landing pad which the acolytes agreed to do as it might lead to something. Alicia suspected that he was lying about everything, but could prove nothing. The Warband left leaving Mr Argentine to observe. The others left to a local drinking establishment where the doctor cracked the Vox caster that the mercenaries used.

Mr Argentine came back to reveal nothing as the group left to follow the signal obtained from the Vox. On the way through the hive in an alley way a group of cultists attacked with automatic weapons and stub revolvers, yelling revenge for the Faynes.

After the initial surprise, The Doctor suppressed most of them with his autogun (and managed to slay one) as Jasper and Rahool ran up each side of the alley. The doctor and alicia were suppressed in return, forcing them into cover. Mr Argentine threw a grenade exploding into their midst sheltering behind cover. Rahool cut a cultist down with his powerblade, but was left out in the open as an autogun was pointed at him. Realizing the risk he dived for cover. The doctor blew up the already wounded cultists sheltering behind the cover, slaying two more. Jasper worked his way up the side as one cultist ran away in an psykic attack, from Zel. Remaining cultists, were shot, stabbed, cut, zapped and sniped to death. The surviving two ran off round the corner.

The warband continued to where the vox caster led them to see the chief mercenary and his 4 cronies trying to go down a lift out towards the waste. Zel tried to read the leaders thoughts, but couldn’t control the warp energies and caused a small, but powerful localised earthquake. The warband were spotted, allowing the leader to charge at them with his bolt pistol. He dodged, several times, but was sniped leaving the slower few to be suppressed by the doctor again. The lasergun carrying nob was single shot in the head by Alicia as the others refused to be captured. Despite noble methods of Grappling and attacking to subdue the mercenaries activated their suicide buttons and died revealing little else. The doctor applied plenty of bandages to Zel and Alicia who had been shot.

Four backpacks were recovered containing Xeno artifacts. The acolytes decided the mercenaries camp the next best place to go to see if they could discover more about these artifacts or who was buying them…

+ + + Report Ends + + +

Session 10
more investigations

+ + + Report + + +

More evidence was gathered at the demon site, with the revelation that one of the Fayne brothers (whose picture was on a holo data slate) was the first person saved from the Zombie attack by the acolytes. Maybe he would have more information if he could be tracked down…

With agreement from the Red Gangers bossman, a bounty was placed on his head. Wanted alive. The amount of funds offered would ensure that he would be hunted for some time.

The warband returned up through the purity gate, and reported to Inquisitor Marius. He approved of all methods used, but said that the artifacts found should be returned to his warband as they might be more useful. Jasper with the serious facial damage was placed in some of the best medical care and given some cranial armour and a carapace helmet. He spent some time recovering.

While he was recovering some extra supplies and supplements were purchased. Custom grip handles for The Doctor and Rahool. More grenades and lots of complaining from Alicia.

Investigations continued into the the Xenos smuggling outfit and in Mr T Fayne as well. Further investigations found that he had gone underground.

Soon a SOS from Captain Kaytain Nils arrived, that spoke of more bodies being found that the acolytes should maybe look at. The Warband began to investigate.

The acolytes arrived at a large abandoned warehouse which seemed to be the stage of a mass shooting. Nine bodies were found with bullet holes in the walls. Not many clues could be found except a faint warp trail from a demonic presence which Zel was able to follow out of the buidling and down into the tunnels but soon lost the warp sense as it got too faint. Inside the warehouse, empty crates could be found. Some of which seemed to be recently stored there, but had obviously been cleared. The Warband investigated the bodies.

It appeared that 3 of the bodies were from mercenaries (with sand on their boots) and the rest of them were cultists. Using the forbidden demon lores, Zel and The Doctor recognized the marks of Nurgle or Chaos on them.

In preforming the autopsy The Doctor joined the lab medic worker to begin the work on a body. Unfortunately, worms came out of it and it sprung into life causing the doctor to faint (again) and get hit with a cleaver. Zel who wasn’t surprised attempted to zap it with lightning but missed. Luckily Rahool moved quickly chopped it to pieces with his power sword. Alicia still fled the room in terror. The doctor woke up.

More similar corpses were flamed despite the claims of the medic worker who turned his back with the flaming bodies, just in case.

More investigations to be done.

+ + + Report Ends + + +

Session 9
The final battle

+ + + Report + + +

Discovery on the third level revealed a force of un-regular guards who had stationed themselves throughout the level with various variety of cover and concealment.

As Jasper Finally moved first and engaged an opponent who was slightly surprised and failed to fire a shot. A two handed enemy was blown to bits by a well directed grenade fired from the doctor. As Mr Argentine entered the frame and Rahool left the stairs and enemy began to suppress with full automatic fire. Alicia, the Doctor and Zel ducked for cover.

Soon Rahool and Jasper slew the enemy as another suppressed them with more automatic fire. The leader approached from behind a pillar and began spouting a lot of anti emperor heresy that caused dizzyness to descend on the two. Mr Argentine began to leave cover dart out and fire a pistol sometimes hitting cover.

Zel escaped from behind the cover ran across the room and attempted to zap the fellow psyker lightning. Alicia despite being pinned shot a chap in the head making his brain explode. Zel managed to cause the gunmans head to explode like a prawn, pop, pop, pop.

Soon the doctor was free to creep out and begin to lob grenades at the leader spout constant heresies. Zel managed to get behind the leader zapping him, before a well place grenade blew up at his feet slaying him. The last enemy was slain with a combination of fire and zapping. The heroes gathered some additional ammo and headed upstairs.

Two two handed sword wearing enemies guarded the chief heretic Mr Fane, who stood in a circle of demonic evil. The first guard was shot by Mr Argentine and then charged by Jasper as the second was shot by the Doctor and then charged by Rahool. Jasper and Rahool slew the guards as Alicia and Mr Argentine shot dead the chief heretic. As he lay in a burning pile one of the nearby seemingly harmless cultists turned into a demon scaring the stunning shit out of everyone.

Recovering from stun the Warband began to act shooting mostly ineffectively at the demon until it charged and in one unstoppable hack hit Jasper’s head. Remaining upright, somehow he stood stunned until the ooze that accompanied the demon dissolved his head.

Panic gripped the party as only the semi powerful sniper weapons had any effect. The demon was engaged by Rahool and the doctor who hacked most nobly. Mr Argentine picked up the dropped sniper weapon and joined Alicia in shooting it. Alicia was prepared to die as the demon was about to be charged, but was stopped by a well timed hit from Rahool. More hacking occurred. But with the demons unnatural toughness it was difficult to harm the creature, especially when Alicia’s gun jammed.

Eventually several sniper shots and lighting attacks later the demon began reel from the constant attacks. Especially when the demon backed away and was shot from a drawn shotgun by the doctor who used the famous line “I use this for close encounters”. The demon was slain by more constant barrage.

Surviving cultists were slain (or jumped to their own deaths). Pieces of the crystal were recovered. A force staff and bolt pistol were destroyed when Fane exploded.

The warband picked up the pieces, seeing that somehow, Jasper though greviously wounded had survived thanks to an Emperors blessing.

+ + + Report Ends + + +

Session 8
Stop the Zombies

+ + + Report + + +

The warband, quickly retrieved their weapons and climbing to the top of the tower with the twin linked stubber gun, they observed the various ways the zombies were entering the area. Though the gate, via the mansion and up the elevator cables from the sump below.

The doctor with amazing skills managed to close the gate with a simple keyword pass. The warband then traveled to the Endish mansion. The Acolytes arrived at the mansion to the sounds of gun fire and started to consider whether blowing it up or locking it down would be best. After a brief arguement, Mr Endish decided to allow the warband to shut down the mansions security. Once again the doctor was called upon to work his tech wizardry and shut down the system perfectly.

The warband continued on to the where the cables from the sump elevators were located. Unfortunately there were 5 cable shafts, and six zombies waiting. At the very sight, Jasper and Zel immediately fainted. Alicia began giggling and firing her snipers rifle in a random direction. Rahool and the Doctor moved to begin attempted to cut the cables while Mr Argentine produced his two pistols and began to fire.

Rahool quickly cut a cable down but was attacked by two zombies. The doctor managed a lucky chop and cut the cable, but was surrounded by three zombies. Mr Argentine began to shoot zombies at will. However soon the band’s plan stalled for several valuable rounds and missing and bad rolling took their part. The Doctor was soon covered in his own blood, and the relentless zombie attack began to take it’s toll.

Jasper and Zel woke up and joined the fray. Still shaking with fear, Zel’s lightning missed wildly (it must be said that the Emporers Light is hard to control…) as Jasper shot a zombie with his flash light, and then butted it with the rifle butt as it became more annoyed. Alica continued to scream and fire into the press of zombies who emerged out of the cables from the pits.

Rahool managed to cut his cable, as the doctor rolled out of combat, holding a grenade and managed to cut another cable. Rahool took a hit in the back , before rushing at another cable. Mr Argentine continue to blast away hitting almost with every shot. Jasper drawing his sword cut the zombie down. Zel finally blasted a zombie to pieces.

As the last cable was cut, Alicia’s fears receded and mind returned to normal. The doctor again rolled out of combat, as Jasper disengaged and move out. Alicia raised her flame pistol and burned most of the zombies to ash. The last few were quickly shot and stabbed down. They had done it, despite the odds almost all the zombies had been stopped entering the hive.

The Warband joined the citizens in cleansing the “town” of it’s pests. The gang leader summoned the warband and was angry that they had retrieved their firearms, but happy that the immediate threat was neutralized. Retribution against the Fane family was ordered.

The heroes, Gangers, and ordinary citizens borded a barge and began to travel down the slump. Another ganger town was passed. As was a mutant town, where one had it’s arm blasted off, by Alicia. A piece of the sump’s wall broke away, and all but Zel avoided it.

A great beast rose out of the water with many tentacled arms and with the combined might of warband and gangers enough ammo was shot at it causing to retreat back into the slump “water”.

The force arrived at the Fane enclosure to see that it was fully fortified with a wall and guard tower. It was decided that the force would attack on one front drawing the defending forces out and allowing the warband to sneak in and chop off the head of the snake so to speak.

The wall was penetrated and much sneaking was made until the warband were finally spotted on the 3rd floor. It must be observed that Zel and Jasper do need to learn some subtle sneaking skills..

+ + + Report Ends + + +

Session 7
The Dead Rise

+ + + Report + + +

As the warband waited for the recovery of Zel, who had lost his leg, a decision was reached to creep and act as the employees of the Mortuarium, with uniforms and stolen oath Cogs.

After 17 days Zel informed the crew that they should hop to it. Using the shuffling gait of the oppressed the Warband penetrated Charnel house 17 and approached the office of the Fanes. On the way a cognitator was broken into and passwords were discovered for the office. Passing through the bone dust room, the Warband entered the office with the stolen pass-codes. A successful search revealed an amazing amount of damning information and possible location to where all the missing bodies where being shipped. Below the Mortuarium and the lower level of the hive was a places called “Gantry” and it even spoke of a temple. The Warband had to pass through the Purity gate into the bottom realm.

Tooling up and gaining more items over three days, the warband traveled through the purity gate (through which none have returned) entering the gangers territory of Gantry where all firearms were restricted.. Despite this the Doctor and Mr Argentine managed to hide a compact shotgun and Auto pistol.

Locking their remaining weapons away, the Warband began to ask questions at the tavern of the Hanged Guard. Some indiscreet questioning was quickly noticed resulting in an “invitation” to meet with the ganger Chief in a crashed red spaceship. He offered to answer their questions if they passed some amusing tests. A run down a chute, a knife fight and a hanging knife fight. The next day the hopefuls set off. Mr Argentine lead the way winning the race and even stopping to push his opponent down a pit hole. Rahool simply stabbed his knife opponent before his opponent could move. He dropped dead with barely a gurgle. Rahool was again selected as the hanging rope specialist and knifed his opponents arm repeatedly watching him drop off and fall from the hanging cables from the roof.

With the tasks complete and the head ganger suitably amused he revealed who had been accepting all the bodies. The warband departed but before they had gone to far a strange fog rolled in. Blood curdling screams soon echoed from the strange fog . A citizen emerged being chased by the undead. Everyone froze with fear except for Mr Argentine who calmly shot it, slaying it instantly. As soon as it was dead it became only normally horrifying and the party continued on (slightly embarrassed that they had been so incapacitated by a single slowly shambling attacker

The warband carried navigated by the doctor at the End of Gantri the house of someone Ent a horde of Zombies was being kept at bay by the combat servitors of Mr Ent. To stop the horde the Warband needed to shut down his security protocols, but were inside the grounds. It would be suicide without the firearms so the warband ran double time to the lock gate of the firearms to see it surrounded by a 16 zombies who were battling the remaining guards. The crack of autogun, Shotgun and lighting from the semi powerful Zel began to whittle the zombies down as they charged and were chopped to pieces by the warrior Jasper, & back stabbing Alicia. A slightly the jaded and puzzled Rahool stood rooted to the spot unable to overcome his fear of slowly shambling easy targets. Soon the last of the zombies were destroyed allowing a free range at their weapons in the locker. The last zombie was destroyed by sawed off shotgun to the face from the doctor who had ran out of ammo and charged in.

+ + + Report Ends + + +

Session 6

+ + + Report + + +

As the remaining thug ran off, the warband gave chase, steadily loosing ground to the fast sprint of the thug. The Thug escaped with the warband panting at their slowness.

Returning to the scene of the initial crime. Rahuul and Mr Argentine discovered little on the corpses except for oath cogs that revealed that they were working for the Faynes at Charnel House 17. The Warband left to investigate.

Charnel House 17 was even worse than the rest of the under hive with gantry ways overlapping a horror of human waste as dead humans were turned into protein cubes.

As the inquisitorial team waded through waste-deep liquid (made from who knows what…) they were ambushed. 120m away 4 thugs opened up with Auto-Guns from a gantry way, under cover, at the warband, who dove for cover. Zel climbed onto a belt and was slowly transported towards the assailants, firing from a prone position using dead bodies as cover. The remaining 3 used more effective cover and began to waste ammunition at the thugs. Sometimes Jasper would attempt to climb onto the conveyor belt but fall back into the muck. The Doctor wasted 2 clips of ammunition hitting the cover as Alicia slowly picked off the heads of the Thugs. Eventually Zel moved into a position and hit a thug from behind as Jasper shot him slaying them all.

The doctor amazed everyone by diving into the muck to retrieve two clips of autogun ammunition as he was down to yelling “bang”. The warband continued until they could climb up onto more secure gantry ways and continued along towards the “boss” area.

Three more thugs appeared ahead, armed with Auto-Guns and another two running up with swords from behind. Everyone went prone as the three Auto-Gun thugs, who were some 200m away, got shot and slain. The Doctor wasted anther clip at the running thugs, missing everytime.

The warband stood up, prepared to meet the sword carrying thugs only to see them furiously assaulting at every turn. Jasper chopped his down, before Zel had his leg hacked off by one thug dropping down stunned (was a mere flesh wound…). The Doctor received grevious wounds, but carried on. The Doctor continued to hit but not seriously damage the thug, before Alicia, knifed him in the back. The Doctor stabalized Zel.

The warband decided to retreat, carrying the leg of Zel and helped him return to the upper hive where an artificial leg was purchased, and attached by the doctor in a dodgy borrowed surgery. It was to take 17 days before Zel could operate again.

+ + + Report Ends + + +

Session 5

+ + + Report + + +

After bumbling round trying to find clues about the mysterious Tech Priest Arch Heretic. The inquisitor turned up and gave a new task of attempting to solve some mysterious Xeno tech from the Channel houses at the bottom of the hive, where it literary rained Shit…

They chose the disquise of Investigators, and descended to find a pile of bodies that had apparently according to witnesses came to life and attacked.

A Oath cog was fiund with a clue, the Doctor carried it. Travelling through the under hive a group of attackers suddenly burst out of the crowd and attacked trying to get the oath cog from the doctor.

After much battle, and one effective stun grenade the remaining thug ran off…

+ + + Report Ends + + +

Session 4
Warband slays the demon host

+ + + Report + + +

Alicia noticed a tech priest drop a detonator charge switch and march off into the tunnels. No body else noticed. A search of the downed shuttle craft revealed dead bodies and the remains of demon prison, and bodies of psykers who died controlling the demon.

Despite scary thoughts, the Warband descended into the tunnels below Port Gia. Zel Zanna using his scary Psyker Senses lead the way followed by the newly promoted leader Jasper. The Doctor with his knowledge of Demons assisted whenever he could.

Down the tunnels they heard a scream and encountered what could only be carnage of blood splatter caused by a Demon shredding a group of gangers. The Warband continued to encounter a wall turning to ice with a hoar frost, with demonic faces. Many were afraid but didn’t go insane.

A large room filled with crates was discovered where a host of dreggs attacked. Soon the felt the pain of a flame attack from Alicia, shooting from Jasper and the Doctor. As the remainder ran into combat the Warband began to hack with weapons slaying almost all. Alicia stepped back allowing Mr Argentine to go full auto slaying the two on her. As the last dregg ran away (others who turned to flee were chopped down), Mr Argentine calmly shot it in the back slaying it.

The warband continued, down corridors, until from the middle of the roof the Demon Floated down. The Doctor Fainted unconscious. Mr Argentine and Rahool ran off. Amazingly Jasper thanks to the emperor stayed still. Alicia retreated with her snipers rifle setting it up. Jasper shot it with his bolt pistol as Zel began to attack it with his stick. The doctor woke up and joined him looting nervous. Thanks to Jasper hitting it and wounding it, it looked at him and made his blood boil. Alicia fired one shot mightily wounding it. Rahool and Argentine continued to run. It looked at Alicia and made her blood boil almost slaying her outright. The doctor and Zel continued to flail at it but couldn’t harm it.

Emerging from the opposite end of the tunnel a Tech priest turned up and said that the demon was his. Luckily his band of baddies suffered an attack of demon fear and all ran away except one who stayed. The tech priest shot Jasper with a plasma pistol wounding him heavily, but not slaying him. Zel succeeded in scanning the tech priest to discover he was in fact an Arch heretic and wanting to absorb the demon himself. The demon deciding that claws might be more fun turned Zel’s chest into a horrible mess. Jasper shot the demon blowing him backwards out of combat and stunning it. The doctor seeing his chance and raised his autopistol hitting with every shot, but not actually doing any damage again. Alicia emerged from round the corner and shot the demon again blowing it to pieces with her sparkly snipper’s gun.

The tech priests cry of “noooo” could be heard, but not before a shot from Rahool who had finally ran back, hit the priest in the chest penetrating his armour and wounding him. The Archheretic cursed the warband saying that this isn’t over and ran off down the tunnel leaking tech priest juices. His remaining guard who had bravely stayed, has charged by the doctor who knocked him down and stunned him with his doctor cheaty talents. The guard surrendered to Zel who pointed a gun at him.

The heavily wounded band, returned to the upper hive to nurse their grevious wounds and deliver the report to the Inquisitor and this routine. They were actually impressed that the warband had actually survived an assault on a demon host.

After resting, an intention to inquire about the Arch Heretic Halbrel was decided upon

+ + + Report Ends + + +

Session 3

+ + + Report Begins + + +

As the warband checked through the wreckage of the gun battle, it was decided to investigate the office, but not before checking any security codes that were hidden on the data slate.

The office was found and the door opened by the Seeker who then saw that a combat servitor was beginning to activate. Without panic the kill code was called out by the doctor, to see the servitor shut down. A success search revealed more clues about the Port Gaia, and a warehouse.

Leaving the office the warehouse was approached stealthily by several and noisily by some. Figures could be seen moving in and out of light. As they crept inside the three guards said hey and began to ready weapons.

The Doctor suppressed one with his autopistol, while Rahool ran with his powersword out towards another. Alicia began to shoot, as Mr Argentine began what can only be determined as a pitiful exchange with one guard at very point blank range. Rahool was blown off his feet by some exploding xeno tech, before getting up and finally slicing in two the guard. The doctor had kept one guard pinned as Alicia shot the railing slaying him and causing it to crash down. Zel Zanna ran round and did something, but not too much. Mr Argintine finally slew the last guard. The area was examined to discover a mummified xeno hand and a gun range. At the end of the range they discovered a cache of guns & Ammo. Rahool picked up a snipers rifle as The Doctor and Mr Argentine claimed the autoguns.

A decision was made to enter port Gaia, where the oath cogs were checked as the warband entered the enormous port. Where to begin?

A figure walked past with a retinue, he was recognised as a trader in Archeotech, but the warband disagreed following him. They made way towards the tall spire overlooking the port. After knowing, bribing and charming the clerk they were allowed an appointment with the Head Port Honcho.

Zel used his witchy psyker powers to determine he was lying as an interrogation began, surprisingly successful. They soon discovered a landing pad where a shuttle carrying illegal contraband was to arrive. The Doctor gave the Honcho some powerful Obsecura, knocking him out.

The warband arrived at the platform (some letters and number identification) to approach the shuttle. As they got close it suddenly exploded, causing injury to Alicia and knocking her prone. Everyone else was further away. Out of the wreckage, appeared a demon entity. The Doctor using his forbidden lore said it was a demonhost. It reared up sending fear and panic into Mr Argentine, Zel & Alicia. Whereas, the surprisingly weak willed Doctor, Jasper & Rahool resisted the fear and began to open fire.

The Doctor hit it 4 times and did nothing but bounce off it’s demon hide. Rahool’s sniper bolt sliced through and caused great pain to the host that activated it’s pysker powers and became unnaturally fast and just ran off dropping down into the pit. Jasper, just said “hey”.

The doctor began to bandage the injured Alicia and Argentine.

What to do next?

+ + + Report Ends+ + +

Session Two
The team is completed

With information gleaned from the Cloudboy, the warband make their way downhive to search for Three Stakes Rest and Zax Holthane, supplier of Xenos artefacts to the nobility of the Hive.

The team, now joined by a Psyker and Seeker, discover a small settlement on the outskirts of Three Stakes Rest and realise their task to find Holthane might be a bit tougher upon realisation that it was a big place. Their first port of call was a local tavern to gather information. Upon entering the place went quiet as people looked up before returning to their drinks and the hubbub of chatter returned.

Ordering drinks the band began talking to the clientele for information. The Seeker approached the local musician and found out that Holthane was happy to meet, but the best way was through a go-between to give introductions. Unfortunately, the ‘bribe’ offered by the Seeker, wasn’t quite enough for the piano player who returned to his playing.

The barman was approached next, who wasn’t overly forthcoming, until the Psyker dug into his mind and drew forth information that the go-between was actually in the bar. The Seeker, once again geared herself up to gather info and joined the man, called Beetle, with a couple of drinks and began the job of seeing if he would introduce them to Holthane. What transpired was a night of drinking, until finally, impressed with the Seeker’s constitution, Beetle agreed to make the introductions and told the warband to meet him back here the next night. The Seeker promptly vomited on the floor and passed out in the booth from the sheer amount of Amasec consumed.

A group of rough looking men started heading over to the now comatose woman and they were joined by Mr. Argentine who struck up a conversation with the men and insinuated that she was pox ridden and not worth the good time they were thinking about having. The men, looking horrified, instead decided that a drink at the bar was better and the team left after giving the Seeker some detox to get rid of the alcohol.

The next evening, the team met Beetle outside the bar who took them deep into Three Stakes Rest to a wide open chamber where the meeting took place. The team looked to purchase an item off Holthane, but he instead saw through their ruse and ordered his men to kill the imposters as he looked to run and hide. Caught in the open, Holthane’s men began to open fire while the warband ran for cover. From behind a pillar, the Seeker took aim with her long-las and began firing at the running Holthane. Her second shot destroyed his hand, while Mr. Argentine calmly walking snapped off a shot from his pistol and blew apart Holthanes knee, killing him. From there the team mopped up the other men – Rahul, cutting through men with ease, the Psyker vainly swinging his staff, with Jaspar and The Doctor trading fire with a Mercenary until finally all were cut down.

A search of Holthane turned up an access cog to Port Gyre which was stamped with the seal of the Port Gyre Auctoriate Porteus, his personal dataslate containing a command word and information on the whereabouts of his office and storage area. He was also liberated of his bolt pistol which was given to the Guardsman.


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