A Flickering Light in Infinite Darkness

Session One
The Inquistion starts here...

+Transmission Starts+

The Warband met their Inquisitor in a room in Mid-Hive Desoleum. He introduced himself as Inquisitor Marius, but didn’t offer up the names of his personal retinue – a muscled bulk of a man, a tall slim man wearing a thick collar that made everyone feel a little odd, and woman in a tight black body suit with thin metal blades strapped to the outside of her thighs.

His job for the Warband was to investigate the strange deaths of nobles in the Hive and the strange Xenos artefacts found with the bodies. Marius is concerned that a Noble by the name of Lans Guljian is exhibiting the same strange behaviours that were observed by the earlier deaths of other nobles. The Warbands goal:

1. Investigate the deaths and any possible connections to illicit goods

2. Determine if they are of a wider danger and terminate their distribution

3. Recover any objects lest they corrupt others.

Following their only lead, the Warband travelled up hive to search of Guljian’s Manse. Rahul, with his contacts in the Administratum, was able to dig up some interesting tidbits of information regarding his scandalous behaviour.

Not wishing to be seen, the warband begin a stakeout of the Manse, hoping to tail Guljian on one of his trips downhive, but he never seemed to leave the Manse. After several days, the warband noticed the servants were begining to look concerned and more ill-at-ease than usual, so they head to the Manse and posed as a medical team to help the Master of the House.

The servant maintains that nothing is wrong, but screams rent the Manse. Racing upstairs in the direction of the screams the Warband enter Lans study to find him tearing at his face and had cut out his own eyes.

The Doctor, terrified of the scene, backed out of the room and cowered in the hallway, not wishing to look in, while Mr Argentine the Desperado couldn’t stop shaking, Only Jaspar the hardened Ex-imperial guardsman and the assassin were unfazed by this.

Only slightly trained in Medicae, Rahul administered a sedative from The Doctor’s medicae pack and managed to stablise Lans to question him, but all they got were garbled talk of ‘the pale child’ at ‘the wheel that wails’. After this, Lans lapsed into garbled talk, that the warband could not understand before he promptly died.

The Warband searched the room and found a crumpled piece of parchment which directed them to a taverna called The Screaming Wheel which was located down hive. They also discovered a black ball on the table, which after questioning was the last thing he brought, several months ago.

The Warband decided to claim the ball as it was considered dangerous. None were willing to touch it, and Jaspar covered it with material but was surprised at the cold emanating from it even covered. He was even more surprised when it didn’t roll but slid on the table as he picked it up. Rahul, the least frightened of events, put the ball into his pack and they began their journey to the The Screaming Wheel.

Once at the Wheel, the warband entered the taverna to find it a hive of scum and villainy. Mr Argentine stopped suddenly as he noticed a group of Cloudboys in a far corner who were playing with a poor man, whom they killed. Thankfully, the cloud boys belonged to another gang. Quickly the Warband decided their action to take out the cloudboys quickly and take one prisoner to question. As the gangers walked past, Rahul whomped one knocking him to the ground and stunning the man. Except for the leader, a man called Skinner, the other gangers were surprised by this action and chaos ensued as the warband pulled out their autopistols and opened fire spraying bullets into the gangers. Panicked taverna visitors fled the establishment.

Meanwhile the leader, named Skinner, flipped a table for cover and returned fire, hitting Rahul squarely in the chest breaking a couple of ribs and dropping him senseless to the ground. The other two gangers were cut down quickly as Jaspar and The Doctor, rounded the table to take on the gangs leader. He burst out, charging The Doctor and firing up his powersword to cut him down, but thankfully his attack missed. Mr Argentine stepped up and placed his autopistol to the back of his head and told him to drop the sword and surrender. Looking around, Skinner saw he was outgunned and dropped his sword, before he was questioned at length about his dealings with the nobility and insinuated that many often used him as a go-between for sales of illicit goods.

The Warband managed to extract the location of the merchant, a man called Zax Holthane who was at a place called Three Stakes’ Rest – their next step in their investigation.

+Transmission Ends+


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