A Flickering Light in Infinite Darkness

Session 21
Die Psyker Die

+ + + Report + + +

Agent Alicia and the Doctor discovered that that demon had run off and the others he decided to chase the rogue psyker. As the warband started off towards the psyker a figure stood from the pile of human refuse that consisted of the cultists and said that they “had put the ring on the wrong platform”. However, this act revealed that it was the mysterious begger who couldn’t be followed or scanned. He told them that the psyker alone had possessions on him that could stop the demon. These must be destroyed. He then walked off in an identifiable Eldar gate, but the doctor couldn’t figure what kind of Eldar as he just poked himself in the eye.

The warband began to chase after the Psyker, but after walking and running, jogging, running and walking there was no clue as to what how much closer they were. They hadn’t even arrived at the surface. Something was up. Infact the corridors looked strangely similar. Zel Identified that the wall enanated a strong Pysker field. Closer inspection revealed a visual refractor field that caused an illusionary wall. Behind was a room with a box with a brain in it humming strangely. Alicia disabled the refractor field as the brain was stamped upon. Something happened. The Warband continued running to the plaza to find a field of dead, in a remnant of a battle. What had happened?

The doctor looking round discovered that these had died some 4-5 days ago. Then the realization hit the Warband, the warpy psyker thing down the corridor had in fact been a timey stoppy thing and they were too late. The ritual mass slaying had worked with a massive battle between Mournful Guard, Ossurian Guard, Inheritors, Demon & Pilgrims. Some looting began as drop ships streaked overhead. But the warband had never seen them before. Zel said the Psyker was that way pointing and the warband left.

Arriving at the now x village of Afterlife, displaying their inquisitorial badges, they arrived to see obvious Imperial Space Marines of the Ultra Marine variety. They were led the central building where they where shown to the commanders were having a meeting. Including the Rogue Trader Captain and Captains of the Ultra marines. They demon and hertics were fighting a battle at the Lord Governors palace not far away. They were offered a ride in a gun ship to drop in and slay the psyker or a guard nearby cleared his throat saying that a tunnel inside the palace was available, and he knew the way. The warband now accompanied by one battle brother and shaking guardsman left.

Arriving at the palace to find a full scale battle in progress, they watched as the demon materialize on the roof causing more insanity for the Warband, be destroyed and then re appear somewhere else. They were the answer.

The unlucky guard led them through the tunnels until they arrived below a storeroom. Arriving they found more floating demons (Furies) who were immediately attacked. Thanks to the work of the space marine two were chopped down as the other 3 were destroyed with blade and fun. As a special note the Ossugun was fired destroying a Fury outright.

The warband continued until the central throne room where the doors were opened to see the psyker sitting on the throne, about the monologue. The lord of the pyre was crucifixed on the wall behind him. Luckly the quick actions of Rahool to snipe him, The doctor to “big bertha” krak grenade him and the Space marine to finally shoot him with his oversized bolt pistol caused the Psyker to slump back on the Throne very quickly. Other Ossuarian cultists armed with their oversized guns and mournful guards attacked. The Warband began to engage the cultists. A Cultist zapped Jasper with the shock bow knocking him down and stunning him. However, soon the oversized demon “popped” in again causing Alicia to cower in fear & Jasper recovering from the stun to run away cursing the doctor. The demon easily overwhelmed the mind of Mr Argentine taking over his body, the possessed body shuffled towards Rahool and began to fire. Zel almost went mad trying to get his warp goodies to work, but did manage to surprise bolt a cultist or two. Rahool, the Doctor & Alicia focused all their power on the demon steadily hitting hit, before it vanished in a puff of plasma. Knowing that it would return again the cultists were chopped down, shot and given the Big Bertha treatment. Alicia, Zel who had run up were zapped, but the Cultists were destroyed. Soon the items on the body of the Psyker were destroyed, with a diadem, vial, pouch and eventually crystal skull that was very tough to destroy. A scream teared the air as the demon was “permanently” banished. More looting occurred. Including a force sword & more Ossugun ammo. The doctor seeing the Lord of the Pyre was still alive used his medicae skill to restore him.

The Warband returned to the camp with the Lord to a heroes welcome. Much wealth and knowledge and pledges of friendship were made.

+ + + Report Ends + + +

Session 20
The Doctor saw the bad guy and fainted (again).

+ + + Report + + +

As Mr Argentine suddenly stopped looking up to the left and began to lead the Warband down the tunnels.

As they traversed down the tunnels, out of a side tunnel rushed a force of cultists who were suddenly stopped as they attempted to surprise the doctor who immediately fired his autogun suppressing most as a few staggered on through the hail of gun fire. Rahool stepped forward and moved with Assassin like grace to begin to chop 4 down in seconds. Jasper and the flamer of Alicia stopped many more before all the cultists were slain.

Carrying up the tunnels a noise up ahead. The rest of the Warband froze as Mr Argentine crept down the corridor.

Soon his concerned calling from the microbead earpiece about a ritual being committed in a chamber beyond. The remaining warband crept to to see 60+ cultists chanting over a purple pool. Seeing something bad about to happen the Warband began to fire their snipers rifles and grenade launcher at the chanting cultists. A force broke away and began to chase run towards the party.

However, presently a prodigious demon progressed from the purple puddle pronouncing the probable palpable preordained passing of the partnership perpetually.

Seeing too many P s the Doctor and Jasper fainted. Alicia retreated muttering about demons being scary. The fell psyker who had summoned the demon revealed himself and began to run off with a support crew as he got shot by a sniper for damage.

Zel, who had protected Mr Argentine and Rahool continued to fight by running towards the demon who had flown towards the side and was eating artifacts. Zel, Argentine and Rahool began to attempt to destroy the demon with firepower, but it kept dodging and ignoring the most damage attacks thanks to it’s psyker and demonic powers. Jasper woke up and joined in.

Alicia who didn’t want to see the demon began to shoot the running heretics systematically. After a minute Zel caused the memory of the demon to vanish from the mind of Alicia who ran up the corner to see the demon and not go mad. The Doctor finally woke up and shot a grenade at a charging cultists.

The demon finally ate enough candy and recited a monologue about world conquering and sacrifice the innocent (blah blah blah), before running for a hidden door.

The Warband must now run after the Psyker Cultist to stop the mass sacrifice and save the planet. The demon has run off to cause mischief.

+ + + Report Ends + + +


Huge feathered bird daemon Indie……………you go first!

Groan! Huge feathered Bird Daemon, why did it have to be huge feathered bird daemon

Session 19
Planet Thaur

+ + + Report + + +

As the Warband rested on board the Oath Unspoken. The doctor thanks to modern medicine only took 3 days get a new set of lungs and artificial left arm. Jasper took only slightly longer to get over his missing leg. More investigations were taken on board to discover their subtlety and after the doctor flashed money around this increased.

Investigations about the planet Thaur revealed the probable location of the Shrine of Saint Mersaad and the Eldar ranger on board strongly stated that below that shrine was where they need to go.

A shuttle was requisitioned from the Oath Unspoken and Rahool demanded to fly it down personally as he always wanted to. Arriving at the port docks called Restfull, they were immediately approached by the millitant arm of the local pdf called the Mournful Guard. The Warband was “arrested” and taken to see the Lord of the Wake. There they were accused of being fell smugglers in league with the Trade Sable. Before evidence could be obtained explaining their innocence Alicia had opened up her blouse and revealed the Rosettas of the Inquisition (so much for being subtle). The Lord of the Wake became agreeable and offered escort to the Shrine. The Warband refused but kindly accepted transport on the back of a wagon. Rahool and Zel felt at home, everyone else felt strangely backward.

As the horse and cart rumbled through the forests 10 figures with horrible visages emerged from the forest causing Jasper and the Doctor to scream as expected of them. Rahool flipped off the cart and immediately skewered one. The doctor attempted to suppress them with his auto gun to stop them from getting closer. Unfortunately 6 refused the be suppressed and moved forward spitting acid sprays from the mouths. Jasper and Zel fell unconscious as the acid was toxic. Alicia and the Doctor had invested in heavier chest armour and emerged unscathed. Soon Alicia used her pistol to flame two to death as the others charged at Rahool and the Doctor. Rahool slaughtered his as the doctor continued to back pedal in fear. Alicia fell off the wagon to set fire to two more as the doctor continued to retreat, only to have his gun jam.

Soon Alicia was forced fight in combat before Rahool had slaughted everything he encountered and butchered them all. The Doctor applied many medical patches to bring Jasper and Zel around and patch up the wounds.

The Warband traveled on foot to the next village, called Afterlife. Where every villager thought that they were dead and tended to shuffle around in a case of drugged out state. Several rumours were discovered, but not much else. The Warband continued towards the Shrine the next day.

7 individuals were met eating a dead body. Alicia set them on fire, as the Doctor’s automatic fire slew the other two. Debate about imperial cults occurred.

The town where the Shrine was found was mostly made of bones. Finding the catacombs below the shrine was the next task, thanks to the maps provided by the Lord of the Wake, they encountered two individuals guarding the entrance to the catacombs.

Thanks to careful spotting of heretical signs on the guards a brutal surprise action was held with Zel displaying what a Force staff can do, causing a guards leg to burst on fire and fall off. Rahool simply butchered the other before anyone else could say “hey”.

Inside the catacombs were 5 coffins, that were searched revealing the stairs going down. The guards bodies were piled into a coffin to keep it clean. The Warband were led into the underground by the navigation skills of the Doctor who failed again and got them lost. A group of mournful guards rumbled the Warband but were convinced of their good intentions by Alicia before retreating back to where they started. Tracks began to be followed in the hope it would reveal more…

+ + + Report Ends + + +

Session 18
juggernaut - it all came true

+ + + Report + + +

As the warband searched the bodies for clues from the dead in the bowls of the ship, they soon tracked the conspirators back to their lair where some members of Trade Sable lay dying. After being briefly stabilized Zel gleamed enough out of him before he died. An attack on the bridge was planned.

Using the Vox a warning was sent to the Lord Captain who dismissed the claims but agreed to have more troops posted about. The Warband arrived on the bridge and stated that a likely attack would come once you are out of the warp. No sooner than that, the ships engines stopped and the great hulking ship exited out of the warp. The warp shields lowered and then in about 10 seconds the blast doors exploded as the expected attack came.

A change in the warp allowed members of the inheritors to burst through at the front where they began to target the ships navigator who dived behind his armoured consul. Rahool and Alica sniped, Zel zapped and the doctor fired off a grenade and then went full auto. Jasper ran to protect the Navigator. The inheritors were all slain.

Soon the captain was hard pressed by three inheritors as a hulking mutant carrying a autocannon strode through the warp gate. Rahool shot him, but it fired at the doctor making mincemeat of him sending his corpse flying back to land 5m below on the floor. Jasper shot it with his bolt pistol as Alicia finished off the beast. The inheritors around the captain were shot off.

Suddenly 10 more inheritors came through the warp gate with the mastermind of the attack a rogue psyker. Using the inheritors as cover he began to shoot bolts, things and psyker attacks at Rahool, and jasper. The inheritors were systematically sniped before Jasper running into combat, forgot how to parry. Zel finally spotted the psyker and gave him some bolts as payback. The psyker effecting Jasper then had his minions cut jasper down in a spray of blood. More Inheritors died due to sniping attacks until finally a blast from an accurate weapon made him dead.

End of the carnage was the plot was foiled. Jasper now needed an arm. The doctor needed a chest and an arm. The plant Thaur was now below them. But, they had a Map.

Of course Zel claimed the force staff, but covered the heretical runes with tape!

+ + + Report Ends + + +

Session 17
The Jugganauting

The Door slammed shut behind the acolytes. They all shared uneasy glances, weapons were drawn and prayers to the Emperor were whispered.

From far down the vast corridor a deep rumbling could be heard. In a few minutes it had grown to deafening levels and the Acolytes were filled with dread as they saw the immensity of the death machine heading towards them.

The Doctor stepped boldly forth. “I have this” he said in a steady voice. With bold steps he strode towards the onrushing monstrosity. Suddenly the door opened and the Acolytes rushed through with great relief. The Doctor turned and saw this and began to retreat towards the door. The Juggernaut rushed relentlessly onward and bore down upon him with frightening speed. With just meters till he reached safety the Doctor was smeared into a red paste by the onrushing horror. His final very brief death squeal hung in the air for a few seconds. All the Acolytes failed willpower checks and vomited everywhere.

Session 16
Meeting the Captain

+ + + Report + + +

After the acolytes failed to track the cultist a new direction was needed. For some unknown reason The Doctor looked up to the left and took on a heroic pose. Zel proposed to look for clues on the shuttle that the acolytes arrived on. As they headed off, the acolytes noticed that the pilgrims stilled trailed after Alicia. This convinced her to “deceive” the pilgrims, that she was unworthy and needed time to contemplate the emperors light by meditating on her own. This did not have the desired effect, with the emperor guiding her words all that was achieved was a fanatical light reaching the eyes of the pilgrims and them to swell in number (~50). Off the acolytes (with pilgrims trailing) trudged.

Arriving at the landing bay, the shuttle was located and Alicia convinced the pilgrims to pray in front of the shuttle while she was able to use her ‘security’ sill to open the doors …… revealing nothing. So much for physic hunches.

At this moment three ship guards were noticed approaching from the control tower. Rahool volunteered to disembowel and dismember them. As a collective sigh went up from the other acolytes. Lets call Rahool’s plan B. Alicia was able to convince the pilgrims to go see what they wanted (while the acolytes planned to escape). The guards proceeded to bludgeon the offending pilgrims out of the way (the pilgrim leader shooting a plaintive look at Alicia). By the time the guards had arrived the acolytes (led by Zel) convinced the guards that they should be hired onto the crew and needed to see the ship Quartermaster. Finally at this point Alicia was able to command the pilgrims to wait back with the other pilgrims….. sigh.

On way to the Quartermaster, a gathering was interrupted where a bunch of peasants planned to set a suspected ‘wier (witch)’ on fire on top of plasma vents. Deciding that setting plasma vents on fire equals bad…. the acolytes decided to act (much to the consternation of Mr Argentine and Jasper. The guards arrived and were fighting to calm the situation down while not setting the plasma vents of fire. Deciding what to do involved Alicia commanding them, Jasper hacking with swords, Rohool making mince meat of them and Mr Argentine finally settling the whole thing down with a bolter blast to the leaders head!

in Rahool the Accountant words:
On the Way we came across some pilgrims attempting to burn an unsanctioned psycker. Nobody really gave two hoots whether they burned the dude but it presented an opportunity to kill some peasants so Mr Argentine kicked things off by executing a crowd member, this opened the murder gates and Rahool started to dance amongst them killing at will, Alicia sulked because burning the crowd might have set off an explosion, and Zel started beating on peasants with his stick, causing their hideous cruel death by trampling.

Just when things looked like being a murder festival in triplicate, bloody Argentine fired his LOUD Bolter and it scared the damn crowd away before Rahool could raise his kill count into double figures. Most disappointing

Arriving at the Quartermaster office, the acolytes convinced the Quartermaster a plot was being hatched to arm mercenaries on the ship… at this point the Quartermaster rushed off to inform the Captain (Rogue Trader). Arriving back he informed the acolytes that they were invited to join the captains table (very opulent and excessive)….. much new information was discovered from new and interesting sources.

The interaction can be described by Rahool the Accountant:
Then there was dinner with the Rogue trader, A nice chap, who was also not blind and realised that an obvious assassin, obvious Psyker, an obvious urban professional (doctor), a fire obsessed psycho and a low class gun slinger would not travel around together asking questions without being part of the inquisition.

So he tumbled us and then announced our presence over the ships Intercom. Meaning we have to kill everyone on the ship to preserve our secret identities. Or, you know, not.

Oh yeah there was an Eldar at the dinner. She was all fluid and shit and not only was she not a Harlequin but she did not have a spare Harlequin Kiss on her. So very boring. She was a Ranger which was quite interesting , if a bit clich├ęd. And this probably meant that she had a nice Eldar Sniper Rifle somewhere, a fact that Rahool is very interested in following up. Perhaps some confiscation in the name of the inquisition is in order

All and all a successful evening of murder and blown covers.

After dinner the acolytes were given very expensive rooms as the captains guests (which is where the announcement of “inquisitorial acolytes are aboard the ship and all crew should divulge information and assist where needed” …. quite as a mouse!

The acolytes were then invited to dinner with a noble family on a grieving tour to the shine world …. as it turned out it was the family of the same guy (leader of the baby face gang) that Mr Argentine shoot in the head on the very first day and whose power sword now sits at the hip of Rahool.

+ + + Report Ends + + +

Session 15
Space and waste

+ + + Report + + +

The leader of the mercenaries was captured, as was the remaining trooper. These were paraded in front of the building containing “The Inheritors”. These refused to come out despite the leader of the camp ordering it. Some more information was given about activities until the doctor applied a sedative was applied leaving both unconscious.

The door to the Inheritors was opened, but the alien material required a fear check. The doctor and zel entered to find the three remaining inheritors on their hands praying for intervention. The doctor firing his auto pistol fired badly slaying two of the inheritors with head shots. The large inverted cone on top of the alter began to hum. Fearing something demonic Zel jumped up to wrestle the remaining inheritor to the ground. Aided by Rahool and the doctor who busily attempted to miss any subdue attempts. Jasper at great personal fear lifted the heavy inverted cone and carried it out of the building to see if it was the problem. Zel got bored and broke the inheritors neck with and audible crack and “sorry, I didn’t know my own strength”.

As search of the camp found, and freed a Tech Priest, in the prison. They discovered an armoury where some weapons were kept, including bolter shells, grenade launcher, sniper rifle and other minor stuff. The leaders quarters were searched revealing data slates, that were hacked by the doctor and all the Tech Priests stuff that was returned to him despite the doctor saying “awwwwww”.

The data slates revealed that a launch from the xenos tech was about to proceed and the warband jumped back into the Torac tank thing and drove with great speed to Port Gia. There they discovered a door that was forced open and tracks leading to an abandoned vehicle, with a lader up. The warband followed onto the Port Gia landing pads. The inquistor was informed of missing xenos artifacts waiting for him inside the Torac thing.

The warband witnessed some stowaways about to be executed by ship engines. They were bypassed and a the warband joined a shuttle going up to the Oath Unspoken, a Rogue Trader vessel heading towards the shrine world of Thaur.

They arrived on the ship inside the cargo vessel and witnessed as the Oath Unspoken took off towards space. Down in the decks the Warband encountered a group praying to the emperor on a pilgrimage to Thaur to bury alive their priest elder. Alicia spoke so well that now 30 pilgrims now think of her being a priest and follow her.

A market place was discovered, that had acrobats above, stalls and several individuals trading in knowledge. A fact that a ship board attack was being planned and a mercenary had rejected their advances. The warband spoke with him and noticed the individual who had attempted to acquire his services. Mr Argentine attempted to follow but lost him.

+ + + Report Ends + + +

Session 14
Camp raid success

+ + + Report + + +

Overview: The Doctors plan worked

Alicia stationed herself above in the darkened cliff, long las at the ready. Argentine and Rahool sneaked down below beside the wall and began to move towards the gate.

400m away the APC driven badly by Zel (as he had night vision googles), The doctor on the main gun and Jasper ready below to fire the Storm bolter. The APC began to move up.

Rahool and Argentine got to the tower unseen and proceeded up to the top where Rahool slew both guards silently as they looked out to the wastelands where a noise could be heard. A sighted long las was taken by Rahool. They proceeded down to where things began to go custard as the large gate drawbridge was dropped by Argentine in a very loud manner. The camp warning began to come up.

The APC rumbled through the wastelands. Alicia began to snipe out individuals and spot lights as Rahool did the same. More warning were given as Alicia began to change her firing position as more individuals began to run out of the tents and buildings and fire into the darkness. Alicia continued to pick off targets with ease. A large force of enemy troops ran towards the gate. Argentine and Rahool retreated to the cover of the gate tower lower entrance.

Two enemy combatants were blown to bits on the wall from the main gun making “tug tug tug” noises. Any other enemy on the wall jumped down to avoid being blown to bits.

More individuals were shot by Rahool, Argentine and the ever accurate Alicia. The APC rumbled on. Soon the troops began to close in on the gate house where the firefight continued. A force on enemy combatants began to search for the mysterious sniper, but failed to spot her, firing blindly in the dark. Crack, crack, crack went the laser guns.

A grenade was thrown through the door of the guardhouse causing both Argentine and Rahool to jump out. The APC finally arrived over the draw bridge, but the gunners couldn’t really target anyone. A sniper shot Rahool who had ran and stabbed a guard, wounding him mightily in the chest. The enemy sniper was shot in the back by Alicia as Argentine had missed. Team Charlie jumped out of the APC, changed positions and jumped back in with Jasper now driving.

A leader type jumped out from behind a building with a plasma pistol and fired wounding the APC, but the returning fire from the main gun destroyed the building and hit the leader hiding behind it, dropping him down prone hiding from the main gun.

A guard surrendered to Argentine as Jasper and Zel emerged out from the APC to manoeuvre round the building as the Doctor and main gun when into overwatch. Jasper and Zel discovered the leader lying on the ground with his hands up surrendering as well. Alicia stayed up on the cliff face observing all. Three individuals (not guards) had retreated inside a building to hide from the sniper they couldn’t see.

Medicae was applied to the injuries of Rahool who had ran up to hide inside the APC.

+ + + Report Ends + + +

Session 13
Big Gun boom boom

+ + + Report + + +

As the warband attempted to recover they attempted under the bureaucratic guidance of Rahool to acquire a Acquilla lander but railed. Plan two they approached the commander of the PDF forces doing exercises in the waste. He wasn’t happy but shut up when he saw the rosettas predominantly displayed. He agreed to let the inquisitors use of his Torax APC tank thingie. It had a large Twin mounted autocannon and storm bolter attached, plus was armoured. Picking up the new toy the warband left from the hive heading out to the waste guided by the Doctor and his map.

Amazingly they encountered an explosion up ahead as obviously the slightly peeved PDF accidentally fired an earth shaker shell in their vicinity. A glass storm blew up, but thanks to stopping and being a tracked vehicle their APC survived.

Next a creature described as an angry deer jumped up on the APC and was missed by Jasper, Stabbed by Rahool (who had climbed out), Confused by Zel, winged by a shot gun blast and then ran over by Mr Argentine who was driving under the influence of one leg.

Finally, they made it to the compound of the mercenaries who were trading in Xeno stuff. Several plans were scrapped (thanks to a surprising poor light situation). Eventually Zel convinced everyone to walk on up and ask to come inside the complex. They simply said no go away so the next plan had to be hatched.

The complex was at the side of a cliff face, protected by a wall and corrosive moat. And finally a towered drawbridge over the moat. 19 individuals could be spotted. 4 of them seamed to be more than mercenaries. Heavy stubbers could be spotted on wall and in tower.

A night attack three pronged attack was planned.
Group one: Sniper cover fire from the top of the cliff 80m above the camp – Agent Alicia.
Group two: Repel down cliff, sneak in and open drawbridge – Mr Argentine and Rahool
Group Three: Tank crew. Jasper to drive, The Doctor on big gun, Zel and Heretic hater waiting inside to fire storm bolter or out firing ports.

+ + + Report Ends + + +

Session 12
oh no!

+ + + Report + + +

Worst taxi ride ever.

+ + + Report Ends + + +

Syntax error… Data slate not found…

+ + + Addendum to Report + + +

As the warband followed the trail of the mercenaries, they exited out of the gates, after displaying 5 fraudulent oath cogs and one real one and the forged pass. Outside were a range of vehicles that were used by corporations and smaller operations to travel into the waste. A well known individual who rented out his services was pointed out. His vehicle was known as the Sand Lynx a Hectin Autocarriage, slightly modified and pimped out.

That was the best that was could be said…

The Sand Lynx travelled off and immediately encountered a live fire exercise from the local PDF forces. The Sand Lynx stopped with several APCs ordered them to stop. After communication with the commander and showing of the Inquisitorial Rosetta, communications with the commander of the forces and a donation of some frag grenades the Sand Lynx carried on. The driver of the Sand Lynx was confused by a mind trick from Zel convincing him that the Rosetta wasn’t shown and didn’t happen.

Next on the horizon was a sand storm, but with the quick thinking of the Warband the wheels were covered up with metal plates protecting them from sand glass storm.

Next the world changed with a Raider who appeared and rumbled closer firing his auto cannons and other material at the smaller Sand Lynx. After initial success the Sand Lynx started to be hit by repeated shots before turning sideways and was hit more. Then began to loose control as a champion jumped on board and had a pistol duel with Mr Argentine. A Sand steed rider approached, but did nothing.

As the hero was slain, the Sand Lynx lost control again and then blew up with all on board scattered across the sands..

The warband woke up in tent run by the heretic hunter with the glass steed. Soon they were transferred to the Hive Desoleum medicae facilities to have restorative procedures preformed.

  • Zel was vapourised and now known as the Red Mist, cranial armour and artificial sensors were added
  • Jasper’s Right arm was blown off and new one inserted.
  • Alicia’s chest exploded and an artificial heart was placed
  • Rahool’s chest was blown apart and replacement Bionic Respiratory System was issued.
  • The Doctor’s right leg was blown off and replaced with an artificial leg.
  • Mr Argentines arm was blown off requiring a replacement arm.

+ + + Addendum Ends + + +


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