Suvfaeras - Daemon Prince of Tzeentch

I shall feast upon you. Unless you banish me again.



Big Scary Bird. Slain by The Warband twice! Banished until it returns…


Like all daemonhosts, Suvfaeras is a foul and unholy thing, the very existence of which defies nature. Suvfaeras is unique in that, added to the silver chains and occult brands that bind its host body, charms and talismans of xenos origin adorn its blasphemous form. It is impossible to say if these objects were intended for such use or the heretics that bound Suvfaeras repurposed them.

Suvfaeras was banished back into the warp when the host body was destroyed by the Acolytes,

Suvfaeras - Daemon Prince of Tzeentch

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