A Flickering Light in Infinite Darkness

Session 21

Die Psyker Die

+ + + Report + + +

Agent Alicia and the Doctor discovered that that demon had run off and the others he decided to chase the rogue psyker. As the warband started off towards the psyker a figure stood from the pile of human refuse that consisted of the cultists and said that they “had put the ring on the wrong platform”. However, this act revealed that it was the mysterious begger who couldn’t be followed or scanned. He told them that the psyker alone had possessions on him that could stop the demon. These must be destroyed. He then walked off in an identifiable Eldar gate, but the doctor couldn’t figure what kind of Eldar as he just poked himself in the eye.

The warband began to chase after the Psyker, but after walking and running, jogging, running and walking there was no clue as to what how much closer they were. They hadn’t even arrived at the surface. Something was up. Infact the corridors looked strangely similar. Zel Identified that the wall enanated a strong Pysker field. Closer inspection revealed a visual refractor field that caused an illusionary wall. Behind was a room with a box with a brain in it humming strangely. Alicia disabled the refractor field as the brain was stamped upon. Something happened. The Warband continued running to the plaza to find a field of dead, in a remnant of a battle. What had happened?

The doctor looking round discovered that these had died some 4-5 days ago. Then the realization hit the Warband, the warpy psyker thing down the corridor had in fact been a timey stoppy thing and they were too late. The ritual mass slaying had worked with a massive battle between Mournful Guard, Ossurian Guard, Inheritors, Demon & Pilgrims. Some looting began as drop ships streaked overhead. But the warband had never seen them before. Zel said the Psyker was that way pointing and the warband left.

Arriving at the now x village of Afterlife, displaying their inquisitorial badges, they arrived to see obvious Imperial Space Marines of the Ultra Marine variety. They were led the central building where they where shown to the commanders were having a meeting. Including the Rogue Trader Captain and Captains of the Ultra marines. They demon and hertics were fighting a battle at the Lord Governors palace not far away. They were offered a ride in a gun ship to drop in and slay the psyker or a guard nearby cleared his throat saying that a tunnel inside the palace was available, and he knew the way. The warband now accompanied by one battle brother and shaking guardsman left.

Arriving at the palace to find a full scale battle in progress, they watched as the demon materialize on the roof causing more insanity for the Warband, be destroyed and then re appear somewhere else. They were the answer.

The unlucky guard led them through the tunnels until they arrived below a storeroom. Arriving they found more floating demons (Furies) who were immediately attacked. Thanks to the work of the space marine two were chopped down as the other 3 were destroyed with blade and fun. As a special note the Ossugun was fired destroying a Fury outright.

The warband continued until the central throne room where the doors were opened to see the psyker sitting on the throne, about the monologue. The lord of the pyre was crucifixed on the wall behind him. Luckly the quick actions of Rahool to snipe him, The doctor to “big bertha” krak grenade him and the Space marine to finally shoot him with his oversized bolt pistol caused the Psyker to slump back on the Throne very quickly. Other Ossuarian cultists armed with their oversized guns and mournful guards attacked. The Warband began to engage the cultists. A Cultist zapped Jasper with the shock bow knocking him down and stunning him. However, soon the oversized demon “popped” in again causing Alicia to cower in fear & Jasper recovering from the stun to run away cursing the doctor. The demon easily overwhelmed the mind of Mr Argentine taking over his body, the possessed body shuffled towards Rahool and began to fire. Zel almost went mad trying to get his warp goodies to work, but did manage to surprise bolt a cultist or two. Rahool, the Doctor & Alicia focused all their power on the demon steadily hitting hit, before it vanished in a puff of plasma. Knowing that it would return again the cultists were chopped down, shot and given the Big Bertha treatment. Alicia, Zel who had run up were zapped, but the Cultists were destroyed. Soon the items on the body of the Psyker were destroyed, with a diadem, vial, pouch and eventually crystal skull that was very tough to destroy. A scream teared the air as the demon was “permanently” banished. More looting occurred. Including a force sword & more Ossugun ammo. The doctor seeing the Lord of the Pyre was still alive used his medicae skill to restore him.

The Warband returned to the camp with the Lord to a heroes welcome. Much wealth and knowledge and pledges of friendship were made.

+ + + Report Ends + + +


Wait what? I dont remember any wealth?

Session 21

Much influence was gained “4” being much as it has no intrinsic value.

On the good news Alicia now quietly looks lost sometimes, has gaps in her memory and sometimes says stuff out loud that she shouldn’t …. like

“Would the emperor approve if I use this flaming Glaive to set the bureaucrat on fire, surely hes a heretic…… "

“just a little fire purifies”

Session 21

Influence gained was 5.
Plus Peer (Eulogus Askelline) talent

Ability to purchase the:
Peer (Craftworld Eldar) talent at a discount, but the GM didn’t tell us what it was. I kind of assumed if you wanted it, it might be at the 200xp cost the same as if you had 2 Apttitudes…

The Doctor already spent 1 Influence point increasing the groups Subtlety by 2.

Session 21

Should have got 5 influence.

Kind of. you have the ability to purchase Peer (Craftworld Eldar) with no discount. You actually have the ability to purchase this skill at the regular xp cost, whereas before you couldn’t.

Session 21

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